Solicitations Astro Hustle

Dark Horse Comics announces Astro Hustle

Get ready to boogie and hustle as Dark Horse blasts off on a sexy space pirate romp inspired by the sci-fi disco era of the late ‘70s from writer Jai Nitz (Suicide Squad, The Batman Strikes!, Dream Thief) 

Poll Poll of the Week

Major Spoilers Poll of the Week: Naughty or Nice?

We are so happy we have wonderful Spoilerites checking out our site, engaging us on social media, listening to our shows, and supporting our work.  Personally, I would say all of our Spoilerites deserve to be on the Nice List. But I am not the jolly old elf sitting at the top of the world checking his list twice. 

Podcast Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Pit Bull, Ruby, Sam Johnson, Geek-Girl, Markosia,

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #360: Sam Johnson

Comics Creator Sam Johnson is back in Episode 360, and the important news about Geek-Girl, his high-octane comic about a young girl who gains access to powers through, of all things, a pair of glasses!

Solicitations Assassin Nation

Image Comics announces Assassin Nation

What happens when the world’s greatest hitman has a hit on him? He hires the 20 best assassins in the world to protect him. What could go wrong? We’re about to find out in Image Comics’ Assassin Nation by Erica Henderson and Kyle Starks.


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