Gaming Starfinder Award

Starfinder RPG wins Origins Award

This past week at the Origins Game Fair, the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design awarded Paizo the award for Fan Favorite Best Roleplaying Game.

Boom Studios Bone Parish #1

Bone Parish #1

BOOM! Studios has released an early look at the upcoming Bone Parish #1 from writer Cullen Bunn and artist Jonas Scharf.


Infidel #4 Review

Everybody loves a haunted house story, populated by creepy shadows and strange beings driven with a lust to take human life.  Yeah, we’re all up for that.  And we love horror even more when the characters are diverse and realistic, along with their fears and hopes.  Infidel #4 provides plenty of thrills and chills, so let’s rejoin Medina and her friends as they venture back into the apartment building and face the dark terrors lying in wait!   


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