Review Bettie Page #1 Review 9.0

Bettie Page #1 Review

Drawn from secret diaries she kept from her time as a government agent, Special Agent McKnight presents more of the thrilling adventures of Bettie Page! Having fought spies, spooks, and supernatural conquerors, what could Ms. Page possibly be confronted with next? Find out in BETTIE PAGE #1, on shelves now from Dynamite Entertainment!

Review 8.3

Olivia Twist #3 Review

A daring raid into Badwa – the camp for the unwanted minorities who could not be deported – sets up a fight between the Esthers, Provis, and the Trads. But who is double-crossing whom?

Review 7.0

American Carnage #1 Review

A public figure and philanthropist with ties to a dark movement. A woman going against orders to find a friend’s killer and uncover a secret conspiracy. A disgraced ex-FBI agent tasked with infiltrating a den of evil.  They all are actors on the stage in the drama known as AMERICAN CARNAGE #1, out now from DC Comics.


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