Review 7.3

Dial H for Hero #4 Review

Miguel and Summer make it into the Old Justice League Headquarters where the spirit of Mr. Thunderbolt attacks! Find out what happens next when they Dial H for Hero #4!

Review 8.0

Canto #1 Review

On the world of Arcana, a race of mechanical people have been enslaved and depersonalized. When one dares to be an individual, what new perils await him? Find out in Canto #1!

Review Batman, Terry McGuinness, Bruce Wayne, Gotham, Batman Beyond, False Face, Matt McGuinness, Melanie Walker, shape shifter 9.0

Batman Beyond #33 Review

Batman Beyond has been unique in that it takes an even higher tech working against Terry and Bruce. Yes, “our” time Batman has had some incredible technology to overcome, but imagine this taking place pretty far in the future. It’s something few of us can imagine.


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