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Action FiguresAvengersCaptain AmericaFeaturedHasbroMarvelReviewThanosVideo

Wilson and Berg take a quick look at the new Hasbro Marvel Legends Avengers Infinity War wave from the upcoming movie.

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Deadpool Taco Truck Diorama PVC Statue
DeadpoolDiamond Select ToysMarvelstatues

With the second Deadpool arriving next month, the merchandise is starting to appear in greater volume. Diamond Select Toys has revealed its latest Deadpool PVC Statue from the March Previews catalog.

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Archie ComicsFeaturedRetro ReviewReview

Ahhhh, yes…  1966.  As you may recall, it was a year of Batmania, with comics once again in vogue:  Mild-mannered scientists of all stripes, pop stars, funny animals, random fat men, teen–agers, spies and even grocery clerks gained mighty powers, and the kids of Riverdale were no exception.  And where there’s heroes, there’s bound to be a villain, which is where Reggie “The Worst” Mantle comes in.  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Life With Archie #50 awaits!

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Poll of the Week
BatmanDCMarvelPollUncanny X-Men

With the bracket season at an all-time high, we finally reach the conclusion of the battle amongst the stars!  Which comic book cover will walk away the champion? Which comic is the 2018 favorite among the most awesome of comic book readers?*  There’s only one way to find out!

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Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever
Amazing Spider-ManBlack PantherMarvelSolicitations

If you loved the Dora Milaje in the Black Panther movie, get ready to read their continuing adventures in Marvel’s Wakanda Forever by Nnedi Okorafor.

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Jirni Vol 3. #1
AspenSneak Peek

Aspen Comics sent Major Spoilers this early look at Jirni Vol. 3 #1. The issue, by J.T. Krul and Michael Santamaria is scheduled to arrive in stores on March 21st.

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Image ComicsSolicitationsSpawn

With Spawn about to go into production, expect an increase in the amount of publicity surrounding the character and comic series. The latest news has Francesco Mattina covering Spawn #284.

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Witchblade Beer
comic conventionTop CowWitchblade

Custom brews based on popular comic book characters have been a deal for nearly 20 years (if not more), and during the 3 Rivers Comicon event in May, you can get your hands on a Witchblade exclusive beer.

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Arrow Vinimates
ArrowCWDiamond Select ToysTelevisionToys

Diamond Select Toys has revealed the next round of DC Vinimates, this time based on the television show Arrow on the CW.

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Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Killtopia, Japan, Anime, cyberpunk, Sector K, Crash, Wreckers, Shinji, manga, nano-virus
FeaturedInterviewsPodcastWayne's Comics Podcast

In Episode 321, I talk with creator/writer Dave Cook about this high-octane and compelling version of the future, complete with vibrant characters and a gripping storyline.

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Critical HitDungeons And DragonsFeaturedGamingMajor SpoilersPodcastwizards of the coast

In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Podcast: How do you know if a demon has been snooping around your neighborhood? How can you tell if a demon is plotting to take over your town?

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We know Wolverine is returning, and in the Hunt for Wolverine event happing in April, we now know who will drive those stories to completion.

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WonderCon 2018
comic conventionPress ReleaseValiant ComicsWonderCon

It’s almost time for WonderCon 2018, and Valiant is ready to bring its A-game to Anaheim, California, for a weekend packed with panels, special guests, and stunning surprises!

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