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DeadpoolGamingMarvelWiz Kids Games

If you are looking to really change the way your Dice Masters game plays, WizKids has a new installment on the way featuring everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth.

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DisneyDoctor StrangeGalleryMarvelPhoto Parade

Last night, the red carpet was filled with celebrities and big wigs attending the Hollywood premiere of Marvel’s Doctor Strange. Walt Disney Studios sent us a bunch of photos from the event, that you can check out, after the jump.

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Image ComicsSolicitations

Image Comics has announced Curse Words from Charles Soule and Ryan Browne, will launch in January 2017.

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DeadpoolDiamond Select ToysMerchandiseToys

If you can’t get enough Deadpool toys, Diamond Select Toys has you covered with new items that are now available in specialty and local comic shops.

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BusinessVideo Games

Here’s something I didn’t expect to see this morning, SAG-AFTRA has gone on strike against video game companies after failing to get a new contract in place for its voice actors.

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Dueling Review PodcastFeaturedMajor SpoilersMarvelPodcastReviewSpider-Gwen

Just in time for the holiday season, it’s Spider-Gwen #13 from Marvel Comics. Join Matthew and Stephen as they discuss the issue, Halloween giveaways, and more!

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FeaturedMajor SpoilersPodcastTop Five Podcast

Top Five Parents in Media Top Five is a show where the hosts categorize, rank, compare, and stratify everything… from cars to gadgets to people and movies. From stuff that is hot, and things that are not nearly as interesting – it’s Top Five. This week, who are the best parents in all of media!? We answer that question with fantastic examples.

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Cullen BunnPress ReleaseSolicitations

PRESS RELEASE –  In the aftermath of a mysterious explosion that tears through a major metropolitan area, five coffin-like stasis tubes are discovered, each branded with a woman’s name. Blasting off this December from critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling comic book writer Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun, Harrow County) and up-and-coming artist George Kambadais (A Place in The Heart), Grave Lilies is a riveting, Joss Wheedon-esque SciFi series — and the first superhero title from boutique New York publisher Z2 Comics.

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Brian Michael BendisCivil WarCivil War IIMarvelSolicitations

No, today isn’t April Fool’s Day – Marvel really did announce that Civil War II #7 will arrive a week early.

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Digital ComicsMarvelSneak PeekSquirrel Girl

Did you get your hands on Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up The Marvel Universe? It’s available in digital formats right now!

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GamingNintendoVideoVideo Games

After last night’s political thing, I think the world deserves a new trailer for Logan, and the first look at the new Nintendo Switch game system.

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SolicitationsValiant Comics

Valiant Entertainment sent Major Spoilers the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in January 2017.

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MangaPress ReleaseSolicitationsVIZ Media

PRESS RELEASE –  VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), a premier company in the fields of publishing, animation distribution, and global entertainment licensing, continues to expand its library of popular NARUTO novels with the release of NARUTO: ITACHI’S STORY – DAYLIGHT on November 1st.

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AnimeDragon Ball ZPress ReleaseTelevision

PRESS RELEASE –  Toei Animation Inc. will debut an English subtitle simulcast of Dragon Ball Super on multiple digital platforms. For the first time, fans in North and Latin America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand will be able to view Dragon Ball Super simulcast. Since its debut in Japan in July 2015, the hit follow-up to one of the greatest anime series of all time has been eagerly awaited by followers around the world. Through non-exclusive streaming partnerships with Crunchyroll, and Anime Lab, Dragon Ball Super will finally be available.

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20th Century FoxFan FilmMarvelMoviesWolverineX-Men

Many of the teaser images released from 20th Century Fox ahead of this morning’s Logan trailer were in black and white to prep us for the stark future of the X-Men. After watching the trailer, I think the film should get a black and white release, and I have 25 images to prove it.

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The latest teaser from Marvel features Jean Grey #1. Are we getting an all-new all-different X-Men series? via Marvel

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