Major Spoilers Costume Contest 2014 – Judges Page


Here are the entries for the 2014 Costume Contest.  Please use your score sheet and rank your top ten in REVERSE order.

For example, your favorite costume will receive 10 points and the 10th place entry will receive 1 point.


I will take your results and tabulate them with everyone else to get the finalists for the contest.

REMINDER – TURN YOUR BALLOT IN TO ME BY 10:00 PM Monday, October 20, 2014.

01 Daigo from Zynden Sentai Kyoryuger

AbiWard_Diago_1 AbiWard_Diago_2 AbiWard_Diago_3 AbiWard_Diago_4 AbiWard_Diago_5

02 Elsa from Frozen

Samantha Witt_Elsa 5 Samantha Witt_Elsa1 Samantha Witt_Elsa3 Samantha Witt_Elsa4 Samatha witt_Elsa 2

03 Seras Victoria from Hellsing

Samantha Witt_Seras Victoria 1 Samantha Witt_Seras Victoria 3 Samantha Witt_Seras Victoria 4 Samantha Witt_Seras Victoria 5 Samntha Witt_Seras Victoria 2

04 AT-AT Walker (yes, there is a person in there)

Samantha Witt_AT-AT 1 Samantha Witt_AT-AT 2 Samantha Witt_AT-AT 3 Samantha Witt_AT-AT 4 Samantha Witt_AT-AT 5

05 King Varian Wrynn from World of Warcraft

NicNeidenbach_VarianWrynn_1 NicNeidenbach_VarianWrynn_2 NicNeidenbach_VarianWrynn_3 NicNeidenbach_VarianWrynn_4 NicNeidenbach_VarianWrynn_5

06 Waterloo Miss Fortune from League of Legends

LaurenMoore_WaterlooMissFortune OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA LaurenMoore_WaterlooMissFortune3 LaurenMoore_WaterlooMissFortune4 LaurenMoore_WaterlooMissFortune5 LaurenMoore_WaterlooMissFortuneInProgress

07 New 52 Shazam

983765_10204002157628090_1814624068303393701_n 10471319_10204002157308082_4219040053793467072_n 10646792_10204002155028025_3752709643687415908_n 10665800_10204002156868071_4445430191916461792_n IMG_9185

08 Iceman from X-Men

cosplay7 IMG_20140831_192816 IMG_20140907_093123 IMG_9564435389989 IMG_100596083772214

09 Jessica Rabbit

Hartline-JessicaRabbit_1 Hartline-JessicaRabbit_2 Hartline-JessicaRabbit_3 Hartline-JessicaRabbit_4 Hartline-JessicaRabbit_5

10 Braniac

fraley brainiac closeup 2 fraley brainiac closeup fraley brainiac duo shot fraley brainiac full suit fraley brainiac group shot


image-1 image-2 image

12 Commander Shepard from Mass Effect

Walther_Terminus01 Walther_Terminus02 Walther_Terminus03 Walther_Terminus04 Walther_Terminus05

13 Steampunk Darunia from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

793795 10549217_798263326862076_2252345873830778240_o 10599541_694360470653901_2277704896860788650_n 10628110_10152606428220100_2512217834986683150_n DSC01550

14 Lady Stoneheart from A Song of Ice and Fire

1016407_756542697690972_2201254_n 1506838_756542694357639_2040609791_n 1655949_756542724357636_1674213157_n 1897009_760366487308593_378894505_n 1925216_760499353961973_1849860963_n Lady_Stoneheart-Game_Of_Thrones-Cosplayer:_Shattered_Stitch_Cosplay-Photographer:_CONography Lady_Stoneheart-Game_Of_Thrones-Cosplayer:_Shattered_Stitch_Cosplay-Photographer:_CONography Lady_Stoneheart-Game_Of_Thrones-Cosplayer:_Shattered_Stitch_Cosplay-Photographer:_CONography Montclaire Stoneheart by Dim Horizon Studios 2 Montclaire Stoneheart by Dim Horizon Studios

15 Captain America

Berger_1_Captain_America_photo_by_David Wright Berger_2_Captain_America_photo_by_Morgan_Campbell_Photography -- Cap Berger_3_Captain_America_Flickr_photo_by_Wali_Uqdah Berger_5_photo_by_John_Jiao_Photography

16 The Joker

Rodriguez_Joker1 Rodriguez_Joker2 Rodriguez_Joker3 Rodriguez_Joker4 Rodriguez_Joker6



18 Sparky from The Box Trolls

Josh_Sparky_01 Josh_Sparky_02 Josh_Sparky_03 Josh_Sparky_04 Josh_Sparky_05

19 Ariel the Little Mermaid

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Smith_Ariel 02 Smith_Ariel 03 Smith_Ariel 04 Smith_Ariel 05

20 Deathstroke from Injustice PS3 Game

natermaldonado_deathstroke natermaldonado_deathstroke2 natermaldonado_deathstroke3 natermaldonado_deathstroke4 natermaldonado_deathstroke5

21 Iron Man MK 42 from Iron Man 3

1150237_519286494807611_959801152_n natermaldonado_ironman1 natermaldonado_ironman2 natermaldonado_ironman3 natermaldonado_ironman4