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MoviesNew LineY: The Last Man

According to Deadline, the long awaited live action adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s Y: The Last Man is getting closer to production, now that a director has been found.

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FeaturedMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers PodcastPodcastY: The Last Man

This week on the show: Why the last man? Why Not!? JLA pre-sales top 200k, and reviews, reviews, reviews! [podcast][/podcast] Direct Download Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes RSS Feed Podcast Alley Show Notes after the Jump!

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Brian K. VaughanFrom the EditorPodcastY: The Last Man

This week, on the Major Spoilers Podcast the crew takes a look at the third volume of Brian K. Vaughan’s Y: The Last Man. August 23, 2011 Y: The Last Man Volume 03 Writer: Brian K. Vaughan Artist: Pia Guerra, Jose Marzan Jr. Y: THE LAST MAN is the gripping saga of Yorick Brown, an unemployed and unmotivated slacker who discovers that he is the only male left in the world after a plague of unknown origin instantly kills every mammal with a Y chromosome. Accompanied by his mischievous monkey and the mysterious Agent 355, York embarks on a transcontinental

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From the EditorTrade PaperbackY: The Last Man

We talked, you listened, then asked for more.  During our last discussion of Y: The Last Man, we mentioned if listeners were interested, we’d continue our discussion of the series.  This week, the Major Spoilers Crew is taking a look at Y: The Last Man, Volume 2 collected hardcover trade. From the Wiki One Small Step (issues #11–17) In Oldenbrook, Kansas, Yorick, 355 and Dr. Mann help a Russian woman named Natalya Zamyatintwo male and one female astronauts forced to return to Earth after being trapped on the International Space Station the day the plague hit.  recover Comedy & Tragedy

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BatgirlBrian K. VaughanCaptain AmericaMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers PodcastPodcastY: The Last Man

In this issue: The Major Spoilers Crew chats up Captain America, ponder who is to be the next Batgirl, take a look at olde tyme lingerie, slip back to the days when Earth fell apart, marvel at young tykes with super powers, and discuss Vertigo’s Y: The Last Man Volume 1 Deluxe hardcover by Brian K. Vaughan. [podcast][/podcast] Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes RSS Feed Podcast Alley Show Notes after the Jump!

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DCMajor SpoilersTrade PaperbackY: The Last Man

This week, on the Major Spoilers Podcast, the crew takes a crack at the first Deluxe Edition of Vertigo Comics Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan. From the Wiki: In the series, on July 17, 2002, something (referred to as a plague) simultaneously kills every mammal possessing a Y chromosome — including embryos, fertilized eggs, and even sperm. The only exceptions appear to be Yorick Brown, a young amateur escape artist, and his Capuchin monkey, Ampersand. As always,  the Major Spoilers Podcast is nothing without comments from great readers and listeners like you.  You can use the comment

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DCMoviesNew LineY: The Last Man

Y: The Last Man has nabbed the writing directing team of D.J. Caruso and Carl Ellsworth – the same team behind Disturbia, the Rear Window remake. Caruso will be developing and directing, while Ellsworth is penning the script. J.C. Spink, Chris Bender, and David Goyer are producing. The comic, created by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, centers on Yorick, an escape artist who is the last survivor of a mysterious plague that has killed every single male mammal in the world. With his male pet monkey, he sets out to find what might have wiped out the world’s male

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BatmanDCJustice Society of AmericaSneak PeekTales of the UnexpectedY: The Last Man

I love a week when I have so many sneak peeks coming in that I can do bonus editions from each of the companies. This week DC Comics is on the Good List by dropping off previews for Batman #663, Justice Society of America #3, Tales of the Unexpected #5, and Y: The Last Man. Damn that’s a lot of previews.

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DCPreviewY: The Last Man

DC Comics has sent us a preview of issue 51 of Y: The Last Man, which will be in stores this week. Take the jump for a tantalizing preview.

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