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In the theatrical release of X-Men III, Jean Grey really let fly, nearly destroying the entire city of San Francisco. Storyboard artist Adrien Van Viersen has posted the storyboards to deleted scenes from the movie that show Grey doing more than just tearing up the Golden Gate Bridge. I wish Fox would have ponied up the money to have these scenes completed, because it really shows the sheer destructive power of the Dark Phoenix. But that’s what happens when you rush a movie to theatres just to make a quick buck. Perhaps we’ll see more destruction from the resurrected Grey

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The second biggest movie of the year, X-Men III:  The Last Stand, will arrive on DVD on October 3, 2006 to kick off fourth quarter DVD sales. “It’s a big enough title that we believe it will perform from street date all the way through Christmas, and we’ve got a campaign behind it to ensure that it does,” 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment senior vp marketing communications Steve Feldstein said. This disc will include the feature film, but is loaded with extras – the biggest being the inclusion of three alternate endings.  Additionally, the single-disc will include commentary from director

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