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Catwoman #38 throws a lot at the readers in the aftermath of Selina’s decision to kill Nick and, then Batman shows up!  

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Ten Things
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Last time ’round, we talked about the ways that super-types get named, this time we have a related topic.  Since the dawn of superhero history, nearly 9 decades ago, we’ve seen a lot of heroes come and go, many of whom shared names.  There are a lot of Spiders, a lot of Sentries, a lot of Protectors littering the halls of hero history, but a few names get used more often than others…  Welcome to Ten Things!

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As reported very recently here on, Supergirl is flying into a television series on CBS. She’s joining programs including Gotham, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Flash, Arrow, Constantine and Agent Carter. Hey, who has time for any shows that are NOT comics-related anymore?

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Or – “Strange Visitor From Another Company’s Intellectual Property!” It was April of 1938 (remember, cover dates were generally several months early back in the day) that Siegel & Shuster unleashed Superman on the world, changing the nascent comics industry forever.  When it became clear that the Man of Steel was a genuine game-changer, everybody wanted in on the superhero market share. Some attempts were a bit less original than others…

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ExilesMarvelPreviewSneak PeekWonder Man

Marvel Comics has sent Major Spoilers full color previews of Wonder Man #1 and the Exiles Annual #1.  Take the jump for all the fun!

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