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FeaturedPlanetaryRetro ReviewReviewWildstorm

Or – “Clearly NOT Clark Savage, Mr. Copyright Lawyer…” Around the turn of the last century, the comic book industry was filled with a great many books that played with the very tropes of serialized storytelling.  (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was one, The Authority another.)  One of the greatest, now sadly devalued, was Planetary, which paid homage not just to the comic book heroes, but the pulps that spawned them.  I enjoyed every single issue of Planetary, but this issue may be my favorite of them all…

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DCFeaturedGrifterNew 52ReviewWildstorm

Wildstorm meets DC as Grifter crashes into the relaunched universe. Does Grifter have the goods or is it all an elaborate con?

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artArt Appreciation Moment of the Daygen13Wildstorm

With the demise of Wildstorm, and the promise that many of the titles will be moving under the DC banner, featuring the Gen13 team popped to the forefront.  Jamie McKelvie drew the Gen13 team looking a little lost, and it just seems rather appropriate for today’s Art Appreciation Moment of the Day.

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Dan DidioDCJim LeeWildstorm

As the news begins to sink in regarding the partial move of DC to the West Coast, Dan Didio and Jim Lee shared the following announcement on The Source informing readers that Wildstorm and Zuda would be ending in December.

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Astro CityFeaturedReviewWildstorm

Or – “To Our Eternal Shame…” Any longtime Astro City fan probably remembers The Silver Agent as a Captain America archetype (at least that’s how I remember him) whose fate was implied to be horrible, and whose statue in Astro City bears the insignia “To Our Eternal Shame.”  The secret of what exactly happened to the Silver Agent has been one of the cornerstone unanswered questions in Astro City history, a question finally answered by the Dark Age miniseries over the last couple of years.  Pulled to the future by a group of aliens inspired by him, Alan Craig is travelling

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Ex MachinaFeaturedReviewWildstorm

Or – “Sometimes, Endings Aren’t What You Expect…” The days of the Great Machine have long since been over, but last issue ending with Mayor Mitch Hundred donning his jetpack once more to fight off an invasion from the beings who empowered him…  Of course, that left him in a bad spot when his own security forces caught him in costume.  When the mask comes off, Mitchell Hundred’s political career is officially going to be over…  How in the world will he get out of THIS one?

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FeaturedReviewTom StrongWildstorm

Nazis. Robots. Time Travel. Three things that will instantly get my attention, as the combination usually means some trippy alternate timeline stuff where the hero must reverse the effects, or lose his loved ones forever.

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americas best comicsFeaturedReviewTom StrongWildstorm

Or – “The Return That No One Expected…” For all the guff that I give fans of 90’s comics, the entire decade wasn’t deadwood.  Indeed, near the end of the decade/century, there was a renaissance in comics that led to such wonders as Planetary, Rising Stars, and the entire America’s Best Comics imprint.  Of these books, Top 10 was my quirky favorite, Promethea was probably the most successful artistically, Greyshirt was a noir flashback tale, but none of them had the pure comics vibe that Tom Strong had.  Taking the most successful elements of Lee and Kirby’s Marvel, the tales

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Or – “April Showers Bring May Flowers, But Mayflowers Only Bring Religious Dissidents…” Man, it has been a LOOOONG month of May.  The comics industry seems intent on moving to $3.99 price points, The Eleventh Doctor got hit on, and Scarlett Johanssen looks great in skintight stretch fabrics.  In any case, since another month has come and gone, and it’s a three-day weekend for many in the United States we’ve got time to look at a couple dozen things that have come out in recent weeks, Rapid-Fire Style! 

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FeaturedReviewSonyVideo GameWildstorm

Kratos continues his quest for the healing Ambrosia of Asclepius when he is confronted by the champion of Poseidon. As Kratos is delayed in battle, Ares’ champion moves ever closer to the prize sought. Can Kratos over come his attackers before time runs out?

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AuthorityFrom the EditorTrade PaperbackWarren EllisWildstorm

Even amidst the chaos, the Major Spoilers Crew is gathering together in Stately Spoiler Manor to bring you a new episode of The Major Spoilers Podcast.  Amongst the rubble, the trio have managed to uncover The Authority. FROM THE WIKI In 1999, Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch introduced readers to the Authority, a team of superheroes who promised to get the job done by whatever means necessary. They were: Jenny Sparks, the Spirit of the 20th Century; Jack Hawksmoor, the king of cities; Swift, a Tibetan woman with wings and sharp talons; Apollo, a bio-engineered gay Superman pastiche; The Midnighter,

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FeaturedMarv WolfmanReviewWildstorm

God of War is based on the hit Sony Playstation video game series by the same name and tells the tale of Kratos, Sparta’s mightiest warrior and his adventures before he became a servant of the gods. This God of War comic is a prequel to the franchise and, just like the games, is rated for mature readers. For those of you, who are yet to play God of War 3, fear not. This comic spoils none of the game.

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Or – “Named For The Roman God Martius, God Of War…”   Not to be confused with famed Martian general Marvin, whose computers are so complex and naughty… Traditionally, this month has signaled the beginning of the season of military campaigns, and also the time when college basketball generals lead their troops unto the field of battle. For me, working in small-market TV for as long as I did, it’s a month which signals mighty pains in the butt, which explains why this is technically the FEBRUARY edition of RFR. We apologize for the inconvenience… Better to just press on.

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Ex MachinaFeaturedReviewWildstorm

Or – “Something, Something, Something Daaaaarrrrk Siiiiide…” Doesn’t that image look like the Emperor from Star Wars is using the Force to spy on the half-dressed secretary who lives next door?   No?  Just me?  Bygones…

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