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Review The Wild Storm #2
The Wild Storm #2 Review

The Engineer has gone public, but the consequences may be more than she can bear.  And what is the secret of The Grifter?  Your Major Spoilers review of The Wild Storm #2 awaits!

The Wild Storm #1 Review

The Wildstorm Universe kicked off with the Image Comics revolution twenty-odd years ago, and has been through some major shakeups over the years.  Now, in the wake of Rebirth, Wildstorm gets its own all-new start…  Your Major Spoilers review of The Wild Storm #1 awaits!

RETRO REVIEW: Planetary #5 (September 1999)

Or – “Clearly NOT Clark Savage, Mr. Copyright Lawyer…” Around the turn of the last century, the comic book industry was filled with a great many books that played with the very tropes of serialized storytelling.  (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was one, The Authority another.)  One of the greatest, now sadly devalued, was Planetary, which paid homage not just to the comic book heroes, but the pulps that spawned them.  I enjoyed every single issue of Planetary, but this issue may be my favorite of them all…

Art Appreciation Moment of the Day: Jamie McKelvie

With the demise of Wildstorm, and the promise that many of the titles will be moving under the DC banner, featuring the Gen13 team popped to the forefront.  Jamie McKelvie drew the Gen13 team looking a little lost, and it just seems rather appropriate for today’s Art Appreciation Moment of the Day.

REVIEW: Astro City – Silver Agent #2 (of 2)

Or – “To Our Eternal Shame…” Any longtime Astro City fan probably remembers The Silver Agent as a Captain America archetype (at least that’s how I remember him) whose fate was implied to be horrible, and whose statue in Astro City bears the insignia “To Our Eternal Shame.”  The secret of what exactly happened to the Silver Agent has been one of the cornerstone unanswered questions in Astro City history, a question finally answered by the Dark Age miniseries over the last couple of years.  Pulled to the future by a group of aliens inspired by him, Alan Craig is travelling…

REVIEW: Ex Machina #50 (of 50)

Or – “Sometimes, Endings Aren’t What You Expect…” The days of the Great Machine have long since been over, but last issue ending with Mayor Mitch Hundred donning his jetpack once more to fight off an invasion from the beings who empowered him…  Of course, that left him in a bad spot when his own security forces caught him in costume.  When the mask comes off, Mitchell Hundred’s political career is officially going to be over…  How in the world will he get out of THIS one?

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