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Chances are, if you’ve eaten anything in the U.S. within the last decade it has been genetically modified in some way.  How that affects you will differ person to person but it couldn’t mean the end of the world right?  Wildfire #1 seems to think so and your review waits after the jump!

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Or – “With Great Power Comes Great Angsty Melodrama…  And Excess Radiation.” The Legion of Super-Heroes has been through many incarnations, but one of my personal favorites came in the early 1970’s when the team underwent it’s first major membership changes since the days of Adventure Comics.  With members like Bouncing Boy, Duo Damsel and Matter-Eater Lad taking a backseat, the creative team behind Legion replaced them with the likes of Dawnstar, The White Witch, Blok and today’s profilee.  (Is profilee a word?)  He was born Drake Burroughs, and he’s been known as ERG-1 and NRG, but he’s probably best known as the LSH’s

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