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Several months ago, I discussed the debut of Batman Eternal, which will begin next month, in April. Now comes word that DC will also have two other weeklies hitting the stores by October. Not only that, September will be another special month, with peeks into possible futures of many DC characters. We’ll see what could be happening to them five years from now.

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DCTrade PaperbackWednesday Comics

DC Comics released the collected volume of Wednesday Comics this week, and if you are still sitting on the fence on whether or not to pick this massive book up, take the jump for a peek at the bonus content.

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DChardcoverWednesday Comics

If this image is any indication, the collected hardcover of DC’s Wednesday Comics is going to take up some shelf space… or coffee table. Heck, it just might make a great coffee table.  Regardless, the 200-page hardcover, with lots of bonus material, arrives in May. Not only does the collection feature two previously unpublished pages — one starring The Creeper (written by Keith Giffen with art by Eric Canete) and one starring Plastic Man (written by Evan Dorkin with art by Stephen DeStefano) — it also sports a can’t-miss collection includes a 10-page sketchbook section with art from each illustrator,

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Lots of announcements coming out of the DC Comics panels today.  Take the jump for word on Batman and more! UPDATED WITH PHOTOS AND MORE ANIMATION INFORMATION

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Or – “Of Course I’m Serious. And Don’t Call Me Shirley.”   Oh say can you see… By the dawn’s early light! What so proudly we hail… In the twilight’s last gleaming? Whose bright stripes and broad stars, In the perilous night… For the ramparts we watched, uh, da-da-da-da-da-daaaa… And the rocket’s red glare! Buncha bombs in the air! Gave proof to the night! That we still had our flag! Oh say does that flag banner wave, Over a-a-all that’s free! And the home of the land… And the land of the – FREE!

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DCPollWednesday Comics

DC’s much hyped 12-issue newspaper sized series Wednesday Comics hits stores July 8, 2009.  We’re interested to find out if you’ll be picking up the series or not.

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DCKamandiWednesday Comics

The Source posted this Kamandi page from the upcoming Wednesday Comics series.  I really like how Ryan Sook’s art and style, along with Dave Gibbons writing gives this page the look and feel of the Prince Valiant strips from the Sunday comics section in the newspaper. As much as I was going to try and avoid this series, I think this page finally sold it for me. via The Source

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DCWednesday Comics

Check out the Karl Kerschl work that he posted on his website that features his portion of DC’s Wednesday Comics. Our Flash story features Barry Allen and Iris West – can’t get any more specific than that! Can not wait.  I like his style and think this a Barry, Iris, Gorilla story could be very cool. via Karl Kerschl

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DCSneak PeekWednesday Comics

DC released a couple more pages from the upcoming Wednesday Comics project.  Check ’em out!

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