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Dynamite Entertainmentweb comicswebcomic

Dynamite Entertainment has announced that Grumpy Cat and Pokey are getting their own weekly web comic series!

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Ben Templesmithweb comics

Ben Templesmith has launched a new web comic series that kicks off today!

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Dark Horse ComicsSolicitationsweb comics

Dark Horse Comics has announced it is collecting the web comic series, Bird Boy for release as a graphic novel collection.

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FeaturedHumorMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers Adventuresweb comicswebcomic

Bruce only did four of the Major Spoilers All-Stars series, before BitStrips went bonkers, and today, we see what happens when Jack convinces Zach that he has a plan.

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FeatureFeaturedHumorMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers Adventuresweb comicswebcomic

From the long lost archives, Bruce Otter’s tales of Stately Spoilers Manor continue with a surprise guest.

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FeatureFeaturedHumorMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers Adventuresweb comicswebcomic

Bruce took some time to work on another installment of Major Spoilers Adventures, but taken to a Whole. New. Level! All-Star Major Spoilers. This week, Zach joins the kids at Stately Spoiler Manor.

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FeaturedImage ComicsInterviewsSkyboundweb comicswebcomicWomen in Comics

Today is an exciting day for Tess Fowler! With the publication of Rat Queens #11 Tess steps into the role of series artist in one of the coolest fantasy book on the stands. Fowler’s work has been featured in Rat Queens Special: Braga, Charmed, Broken Bones and her webcomic The Rascals. Major Spoilers was fortunate to get the time to ask Tess Fowler some questions about working with writer and series creator Kurtis J. Wiebe, drawing the amazing ladies of Rat Queens and breaking into the industry.

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FeaturedIndie ComicsInterviewsKickstarterTop CowUncategorizedweb comicswebcomicWomen in Comics

Tini Howard is a fangirl, a Valkyrie and a comic book writer! Tini has contributed to The Oath Anthology, Magdalena: the Seventh Sacrament and the upcoming Poseidon IX One-Shot. Plus, Tini is also a part of The Secret Loves of Geek Girls Anthology which not only features a prose piece by Ms. Howard, but legendary writer Margaret Atwood’s comic strip debut. Major Spoilers managed to catch up with Tini on her way back from a convention and in between scripting sessions to chat fanfiction, romance comics and the pressures of collaborating with an idol.

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ArchaiaBoom StudiosSolicitationsweb comics

Press Release Archaia, an imprint of award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios, is pleased to announce the latest installment of Thomas Siddell’s adventurous fantasy series with the June release of the Gunnerkrigg Court Vol. 5: Refine hardcover. Siddell’s long-running webcomic has garnered high praise and a large fanbase from around the world, including legendary creator Neil Gaiman, and Archaia is pleased to present this collection of the latest adventures of Antimony Carver at the mysterious boarding school, Gunnerkrigg Court.

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papercutzPress ReleaseSolicitationsweb comics

Press Release As Children’s Book Week 2015 kicks off its celebration of beloved children’s characters, young readers can look forward to a new hero hitting their shelves early next year. David Gallaher and Steve Ellis, the award-winning creative team behind digital hits HIGH MOON and BOX 13 are teaming up with industry-leading kids graphic novel publisher Papercutz to bring their webcomic sensation THE ONLY LIVING BOY to bookstores and libraries everywhere.

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Help Us Great Warrior #2 Feature Image
Boom StudiosBOOM! BoxFeaturedIndie ComicsReviewweb comicswebcomicWomen in Comics

Help Us! Great Warrior #2 has the titular character fall into a moment of self-doubt that Hadiyah has to pull her out of.

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Dark Horse ComicsPress ReleaseSolicitationsweb comics

Press Release Dark Horse Comics is set to publish a stunning hardcover collection of Cory Levine’s tale of a politically and socially divided early America in Bowery Boys: Our Fathers!

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web comicswebcomic

I am kind of stunned with the announcement today from creator Danielle Corsetto that her popular webcomic, Girls with Slingshots, is coming to an end in 2015.

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Bad Machinery vol 3 Feature Image
FeaturedIndie ComicsOni PressReviewweb comicswebcomic

Bad Machinery Vol. 3 returns to the cast at Tackleford as they kids take on the mystery of a troll under the bridge and the mystery of having two of their friends date. Bad Machinery Vol. 3 returns to the cast at Tackleford as they kids take on the mystery of a troll under the bridge and the mystery of having two of their friends date. BAD MACHINERY VOL 3: CASE OF THE SIMPLE SOUL Writer and Artist: John Allison Editor: James Lucas Jones and Ari Yarwood Colour Assistant: Adam Cadwell Publisher: Oni Press Cover Price: $9.99 Previously in Bad

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