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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #148: Jeffrey Morris

FutureDude Entertainment is a “new” comics/transmedia company you’re going to want to follow because they make great comics, excellent animation and terrific games! You can check out my review of their Parallel Man: Invasion America #1 at this link:

Featured Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, James Tynion IV, The Woods, Memetic, BOOM! Studios, Batman Eternal, DC Comics, Gotham, Fox
Wayne’s Comics Podcast #147: James Tynion IV

When you get to your local comics shop this Wednesday, be sure to pick up The Woods #6 from James Tynion IV. You should also be able to purchase that series’ first trade paperback and the fifth issue, which came out from BOOM! Studios not long ago! That way, you’ll be able to be caught up on this great horror story! During this week’s 147th podcast episode, James returns to my podcast to talk about The Woods as well as Memetic, his next BOOM! project coming out on October 22! You’ll hear him discuss both excellent books during this fun chat!

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #146: Mervyn McKoy

What if you didn’t qualify to run a giant robot warrior? Would you still be interested in helping behind the scenes? That’s the premise for the new book from, Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew, and this week, I chat with artist Mervyn McKoy about the three-issue miniseries. The first installment hit local shops the end of August, and the second issue will be arriving soon, so don’t miss it!

Boom Studios
Wayne’s Comics Podcast #145: Frank J. Barbiere

Looking for a new take on the superhero genre? Then you should be reading the excellent Black Market from BOOM! Studios and Frank J. Barbiere, who I have a great chat with this week! I hope you picked up the third issue of this great miniseries, which arrived in comics shops this past Wednesday!

Featured Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, James Asmus, Quantum and Woody, Archer and Armstrong, Delinquents,
Wayne’s Comics Podcast #143: James Asmus

If you aren’t reading The Delinquents miniseries from Valiant Comics, you should be! This week, I chat with James Asmus, who has been scripting Quantum and Woody for the past year, and is now co-writing Delinquents, which combines the previous duo with Archer and Armstrong, another great dysfunctional pair! James talks about writing the books and what the future may hold for Quantum and Woody, including their original creators coming back to show how they’re doing in today’s world. Don’t miss it! Next week, there’ll be another fun chat with a great comics creator as we count down to episode…

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #142: Dan Jurgens

It’s a very special episode this week, featuring my interview with comics writer/artist extraordinaire Dan Jurgens! He’s a busy guy these days, working on DC’s weekly Futures End as well as Aquaman and the Others. We talk about how he and the other creators make these excellent titles happen, and even discuss a favorite character of mine he developed that makes an appearance in The Multiversity #1! Don’t miss it! Next week, there’ll be another fun chat with a great comics creator as we count down to episode #150!

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #141: Tony Bedard

I hope you’re ready for a “super” interview this week because I’m chatting with Supergirl scripter Tony Bedard! We chat about how he approaches the character as well as discussing his time working with Geoff Johns on Team Green Lantern, his ability to pick up characters developed by other creators and how much he enjoys developing his own comics and the characters that live there! Don’t miss my fun chat with Mr. Bedard! As always, next week I’ll have another great interview with a comics creator, so be sure to listen in!

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #140: Derrick Fish

There’s a great comic you should be reading if you aren’t already, and it’s called The Wellkeeper! This week, I chat with its creator Derrick Fish, who talks with me about the book, about the story’s main character Zoe Kostopoulos and the rest of the cast, what makes the Withering Man such a great villain, and gives some behind-the-scenes info on this excellent title! To discover more including how to access individual issues, go to!

Featured Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Max Hunter, Dark Side Global, Gateway City, P.R. Dedelis, Mo Dominguez, Keys, Larry Kovalski
Wayne’s Comics Podcast #139: Alex Lobato

Have you found Max Hunter: Snow Fall: Part 1 yet? This week I talk with Alex Lobato, one of the creators of the character, the comic and Dark Side Global, a company that’s developing a whole new comics universe centered in Gateway City. Alex discusses his love of comics, how Max Hunter came to be, who else we meet in this debut issue and a special project he’s working on that helps put comics into the hands of kids in hospitals. The book is on its way to, but can already be found at and  Be sure…

Featured Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Ruben Romero, The Agency, International Agency of Magic, Embry, Eric Koda, Bethany Romero, Roger Cabrera, Riley Dean
Wayne’s Comics Podcast #138: Ruben Romero

This week I have a great time chatting with Ruben Romero, one of the creators of The Agency, a great comic book about an orphan who catches the attention of an international organization dealing with magic. It’s a very professional independent comic with great story and art, and you can find out more by going to! The first issue should soon be available on Comixology, with the second on its way in the near future! Ruben talks about making the series come alive with co-creators Bethany Romero, Roger Cabrera, Ross Hughes and Eric Koda, among other things. Don’t miss…

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #136: Ted Naifeh

I’m always thrilled to find comics that focus on female characters, so this week’s interview with Courtney Crumrin creator Ted Naifeh was a real pleasure! He’s the creator of Princess Ugg, a fun new ongoing series from Oni Press. The second issue will hit stores this Wednesday, so be sure to pick it up and issue #1! We discuss how the project came to be as well as how this series relates to real life, and even how great it is to have books paying attention to women characters! I relate a lot to this title, and you should check…

Featured Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Chuck Dixon, Winterworld, Alien Legion, Carl Potts, Titan Comics, Bad Times,
Wayne’s Comics #135: Chuck Dixon

Chuck Dixon is back, and is as busy as ever! We discuss Alien Legion Uncivil War #1 from Titan Comics, including how this series came to be and that it may be the first release from this UK company here in the U.S. Then we delve into Winterworld #1, an ongoing IDW title based on a miniseries developed years ago he’s now bringing back to life. Everything is wrapped up by our focusing on Bad Times, his series of novels about time-travelling soldiers! Don’t miss it! Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe to the Major Spoilers Podcast Network Master Feed! Major Spoilers…

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