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Wayne’s Comics #131: Jim Zub

This week, you’ll enjoy my interview with Jim Zub, one of the creators behind Disney Kingdom’s Figment, a Marvel comic highlighting the famous character from Disney’s theme park. We discuss how the project came to be as well as what it was like for Jim to work with both Disney and Marvel. He also talks about the project he’s likely best known for at this point, Skullkickers. You won’t want to miss what he has to say, but be sure to tune in! Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe to the Major Spoilers Podcast Network Master Feed! Major Spoilers…

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Wayne’s Comics #130: Christopher Sebela, Ibrahim Moustafa and J.K. Woodward

It’s episode 130 of the podcast! This week, I have two great interviews, so be sure to listen in! First up are the creators of High Crimes, Christopher Sebela and Ibrahim Moustafa. They discuss how the book came to be, the research they’re doing to keep it real, how the characters were created and the future of this excellent digital-first comic at! This series has recently been Eisner nominated, something you’ll want to learn more about as well! Then we catch up with J.K. Woodward, who has a very special Star Trek book comic coming soon, which he talks…

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Wayne’s Comics #129: Kaare Andrews

You’re going to enjoy my conversation with Kaare Andrews, creator of the excellent new Marvel comic Iron Fist: The Living Weapon! We have a great time talking about how the book came to be and some of his plans for rest of the “first season” of the comic. Be sure to pick up the second issue, out this Wednesday! Also, we discuss his connection to the Spider-Man films, which is perfect for this weekend, with the debut of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in movie theaters! Then you’ll hear a behind-the-scenes example of what happens when I don’t start up to…

Wayne’s Comics #128: Joey Esposito

It’s always great to chat with Joey Esposito, probably best known as co-creator for Captain Ultimate at, but he’s not resting on his laurels! He’s got a new offering called Pawn Shop, which features the stories of four New York residents and how they intertwine, which is now available at comixology! We also discuss other projects he’s been working on as well, so don’t miss it. You can read my review of the series at this link! Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe to the Major Spoilers Podcast Network Master Feed! Major Spoilers Podcast Network Master Feed RSS…

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Wayne’s Comics #127: Royden Lepp

If you aren’t reading Archaia’s Rust from Royden Lepp, you really should be! It’s a series packed with emotion and adventure, and the third volume will be out in early May! In fact, you need to pick up the first two books  so you can get as much as you can out of the third volume! You’ll meet Jet and the family he’s been taken in by, learn about his origin and know more about the challenges the Robot Boy faces. It’s one of the best books out on the stands today! Next week, be sure to catch my interview…

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Wayne’s Comics #126: Steve Pugh

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier debuting in theaters this weekend, it’s the perfect time for me to interview Steve Pugh, artist on Marvel’s All-New Invaders, featuring Cap as one of its stars! We talk about how this assignment came to be and what he enjoys about his work on this revival of one of the company’s classic teams! We also chat briefly about the recent conclusion of DC’s Animal Man ongoing series and Hotwire, how I was introduced to his writing and art. Don’t miss my interview with writer/artist Royden Lepp, creator of the soon-to-be released third volume of…

Wayne’s Comics #125: Wendy Pini

Be sure to pick up the second issue of Elfquest: The Final Quest, which hit the stands on Wednesday, March 26! It continues the tremendous tradition of excellence provided by Wendy Pini, who I have the honor of interviewing in this landmark 125th episode of the podcast! We discuss how Elfquest has progressed over the last few decades and continues now with Dark Horse, who is doing an excellent job of promoting this classic comic that you should be reading! Be sure to listen in! Don’t miss my fun interview with Marvel artist Steve Pugh, who does a great job…

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Wayne’s Comics #124: Shawn Aldridge and Christopher Peterson

Have you read GoGetters #1, now available at this link? It’s an imaginative and fun book available at, and from the creative talents of Shawn Aldridge and Christopher Peterson, who join me to talk about the book, which is getting quite a bit of attention and critical praise! The story focuses on Maya Diaz and George Harrison, a white gorilla, who retrieve whatever you want found! We talk about how the comic came to be and what these creators have in store for us in the future. Be sure to listen in! Be back next week for landmark episode…

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Wayne’s Comics #123: Brian Joines

You’ll enjoy this week’s fun interview with Brian Joines, the comics creator of such wonderful books as Imagine Agents and Krampus!, about the holiday legend sweeping the U.S. Brian talks about how the Krampus! comic came to be and what we might see in the future featuring this character from Image Comics! Everything wraps up with two news stories I think you’re going to want to know about! Be back next week as we get closer to episode 125! Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe to the Major Spoilers Podcast Network Master Feed! Major Spoilers Podcast Network Master Feed…

Wayne’s Comics #122: Eric Shanower

This week is a great episode because I get to interview Eric Shanower, a writer/artist who has been creating some of the most literate comics out today! We start out talking about his fanciful Marvel comics based on the Oz novels, then we move into his Image comic Age of Bronze, which is a great story that Eric both writes and draws! Be sure to get to your local comics shop this week when the Emerald City of Oz hardcover collection arrives and pick it up – it’s a terrific read! Be back next week for my interview with Brian…

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Wayne’s Comics #121: Chip Mosher

I’m finding that I buy more and more from Comixology, the leading source for digital comics! So it’s great that I could interview Chip Mosher, their vice president for Communication and Marketing, about many of the things they’re doing that make reading comics easy on a variety of different devices. We discussed Batman ’66, and how that successful guided view native comic comes to be. I learned a lot talking with him, and I’m sure you will by listening to him, too! To check out their offerings, be sure to go to or your favorite app store and download…

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Wayne’s Comics #120: Cy Dethan

It’s time to catch up with one of my favorite UK comics creators, Cy Dethan! Cy has crafted some of the most imaginative stories I’ve ever read, including Cancertown, Slaughterman’s Creed and White Knuckle. This time, we discuss his sequel to Indifference Engine as well as The Case Files of Harlan Falk. Cy talks about projects both past and future, along with how inspiration strikes him with story ideas! Don’t miss it! You can check out his website at this link and the creators page at Everything wraps up with two news items I’m sure you’ll want to…

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Wayne’s Comics #117: Marc Guggenheim and Douglas Wolk

It’s another special week at the Wayne’s Comics podcast, with two great interviews! First up is Marc Guggenheim, the showrunner for the successful Arrow series on The CW and accomplished comics creator! We talk about recent events on the show and how the program appeals to both comics fans and non-comics readers alike!  If you haven’t been watching it, make sure you catch it each Wednesday at 8 p.m.! Next up is an interview with Douglas Wolk, the scripter for IDW’s great Judge Dredd: Mega-City 2 miniseries. We discuss how he became such a Dredd fan and how this series,…

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