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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #168: Babs Tarr

Coming soon to a comics shop near you – Batgirl #40, the last issue before DC begins their Convergence event!  Here’s the description: “A decision Barbara made during her darkest days in Gotham City returns to haunt her! What was it? And how does it tie into the evil impostor Batgirl? Find out here!” To celebrate, I have a very special interview with Babs Tarr, artist and collaborator on Batgirl! We chat about what process she went through to be chosen for this gig, what it’s like to be a woman comics creator and also a woman comics reader, and…

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #164: Alex Segura

I’ve been interested in the Dark Circle Comics line ever since I first heard about it! After all, I’ve been a fan of the Black Hood, The Shield and The Fox for years now! This week, I get to chat with Alex Segura, editor for those upcoming books, about the characters and the creators who will make these books worth your attention! We discuss what Alex sought out when looking for talent to bring these characters to life, what we might expect and not expect to see when the comics hit the stands, and what the future holds for this ambitious…

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #163: Jorge Corona

I hope you picked up Feathers #1 from BOOM! Studios and its creator, Jorge Corona, when it debuted in comics shops recently. It’s a great read! Check out our site’s review at this link! This week, I get to chat with Jorge about Feathers, how the book came to be, how he got into comics and many excellent aspects of this six-issue miniseries. You’ll find out a lot about the book’s lead characters, Poe and Bianca Chappell as well as their supporting cast. I think this title is a great way to kick off 2015, so don’t miss this great…

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #162: P.J. Holden

You’ll really enjoy my fun interview with comics creator P.J. Holden, one of the folks behind Dept. of Monsterology, a terrific book I’ve reviewed on this site at this link. You can now buy Dept. of Monsterology: Monsterology 101 Volume 1 at P.J. talks about monsters in comics, including zombies and vampires, then discusses what it’s like to create a monster comic. He discusses how Dept. of Monsterology came to be and what we can expect in the future, which means a total of five trade paperbacks! Can’t wait! Be back next week for another great interview with another…

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #161: Jeremy Haun

This week, you’ll enjoy the return of Jeremy Haun, probably best known for his work on DC’s Constantine and Batwoman as well as the Bad Karma volume! Jeremy’s in the middle of a Kickstarter project called Dino Day Art Book. This excellent volume started out as a way for Mr. Haun to share his work with his young sons, who both love dinosaurs. Each Wednesday on his blog, Jeremy posted a new dinosaur illustration. Now, the entire year’s artwork is being collected into a hardcover volume you can only obtain by supporting this project. To contribute, be sure to go…

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #160: Matt Kindt and Scott Kolins

This week, let’s look ahead to a new book coming out on March 25 from Dark Horse called PastAways! I interview the book’s creators Matt Kindt (from MindMGMT) and Scott Kolins (from The Flash) as we prepare for its upcoming launch!  They give us a lot of information about what I like to call an “adventure” comic, including how the concept and title of the series came to be as well as dishing on the characters and some great sci-fi concepts we’ll find there. Both will update us on other projects they’re working on as well, so don’t miss it! 

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #159: Pete Casazza

We kick off the new 2015 year with a look at how things are going on the front lines of the comics industry – in a popular local comics shop! You’ll enjoy my chat with Pete Casazza from the Big Planet Comics store in College Park, Maryland. Pete is both a fan and a businessman in the industry, so he notices trends and interesting developments in his shop. He talks about what went up and what went down in 2014, and discusses books, movies and television that are comics-related. He surprises me with many of his insights, so I’m sure…

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #158: Marcelo Bravo

We wrap up 2014 with a fun interview with Marcelo Bravo, one of the creators behind Prymal, The Jungle Warrior! During our discussion, Marcelo talks about his second Kickstarter campaign, which will fund issues #3 and 4 and is doing very well! You can still support this project until Tuesday, January 6, 2015, at 11:06 p.m. EST at this link! We chat about all things comics, including the character’s origins and what makes her unique when compared to other jungle heroes! For more information about Prymal, check out the Maelstrom Comics website! Next week, we’ll kick off 2015 with an…

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #157: Sam Johnson

This week you’ll enjoy the return of Sam Johnson, one of the creators of The Almighties, who talks about their new issue #0, which is now available. He discusses the characters and how this title has moved from parody into its own adventure format, among other things. To get these books, go to this link! He also updates us on his other projects, Geek-Girl and Cabra Cini, Voodoo Junkie Hit Woman, as well! Then I continue my yearly holiday tradition of playing the audio from Twas the Dark Knight Before Christmas, an excellent video you can find here on YouTube.…

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