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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #189: Ashley Victoria Robinson

This week, I have a great conversation with special guest Ashley Victoria Robinson, who has Apollo IX #1, a new comic coming to your local comic shop this Wednesday, August 12! Ashley and I talk about her new Top Cow Comics offering, and we discuss this one-shot in depth, including how she got involved with the project, her favorite character in the book, and if there might be more tales with Apollo IX in the future. We also look back at her first comics story, then get caught up on what this busy creator is up to, including some TV…

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #188: Classic Alan Grant

During this week’s episode, you’ll enjoy one of my all-time favorite interviews! About two years ago, I talked with legendary comics creator Alan Grant, who worked on Batman during the 1980s and 1990s, and who continues to make great comics! During our fun conversation, we talk about his recent Renegade Arts Entertainment projects: Channel Evil, which was collected into a trade, and The Loxleys and the War of 1812, a historical hardcover comic that looks at this conflict through the eyes of a family impacted by the war. Go to this link to get Channel Evil, and go here to buy The Loxleys…

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #187: Kristian Fraga, Benjamin Charbit, Ruben Romero

When a notorious serial killer strikes terror in Paris, they call on Scotland Yard to help bring the murderer to justice! It’s murder mystery just the way I like it, so I’m chatting with writer Kristian Fraga, producer Benjamin Charbit, and adapter Ruben Romero about Prey for Angels, a Think Alike Production comic you just might see in a theater near you sometime soon! We discuss the miniseries and its creators as well as how you can access this terrific comic miniseries! To download your copy, go to comixology at this link! To find out more about Think Alike Productions, check…

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #186: Eric Dean Seaton

It’s time to return to the realm of the Legend of the Mantamaji, and there’s no better person to talk with to make this happen than to speak with creator Eric Dean Seaton! Mr. Seaton brings us up to date with what he’s up to, including the release of his first Mantamaji video in early August! Be sure to listen to my fun chat with him for the details on this event and learn his advice for people who create fan films! Don’t miss it and to learn more, check out his website at this link! Direct Download Subscribe…

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #185: Bob Salley, Kelly Bender

This week, it’s the return of Salvagers creator Bob Salley, who brings with him Kelly Bender from Starburn. We get the latest news from both creators about their sci-fi books, then we dive into an extended discussion about independent comics, including how each came up with their book concepts, how they were produced and what we might see from them in the future. If you didn’t get to attend the recent San Diego Comic-Con, be sure to tune in and listen to this dynamic panel discussion. I learned a lot, and I’m sure you will, too! Direct Download Subscribe…

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #184: Richard Rivera

While it’s great fun to interview established comics creators, it’s also wonderful to talk with up-and-coming talent in the industry. This week, I chat with Richard Rivera, the creator of the new Stabbity Bunny independent comic. FULL DISCLOSURE: I did help with the editing on this comic, but Richard developed the concept, and that drew me in!

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #183: Classic David Petersen

It’s been a busy time here at Wayne’s Comics Podcast HQ! First, I enjoyed a great weekend at the Heroes Convention in North Carolina. Then I returned home to prepare for the 2015 Florida Supercon near Miami. I only had a day or two between, and my plans for a new interview fell through when my access to the Internet was lost for the foreseeable future! Rather than skip a week, I thought I’d present two “classic” interviews with David Petersen from Mouse Guard. The first took place at a Baltimore Comic-Con and happened on the convention floor. The other…

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #181: Roland Mann

Roland Mann has been a writer, an editor, a teacher, a speaker and, most importantly, a comics creator! This week, in Episode 181, we chat about his creations, including Demon’s Tails, focusing on a character he made for Cat & Mouse, and Krey, the story of a barbarian human in a world with humanity and mutants constantly in a state of war. He shares many great stories about his experiences working in this crazy comics industry, but you’ll particularly want to hear what he shares about Malibu being acquired by Marvel a while back! He just might clear up a…

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #180: Kevin Joseph

This episode features a great interview with comics creator Kevin Joseph, who discusses his terrific independent comic Tart. Kevin talks about how the comic came to be, the industry now that is an important part of it, and the lead character of his book, including some tantalizing tidbits about who she is and what we might see her encounter in the future! You can find out how to get your copy of Tart during our chat, so don’t miss it!

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #179: Sam Johnson

This week in Episode 179, prolific comics creator Sam Johnson returns to the Wayne’s Comics Podcast, talking about when we can expect new issues of Geek-Girl and Cabra Cini, Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman! Then we discuss his book The Almighties and how things are progressing with that title as well!  To purchase Sam’s excellent product,  go to this link at Actuality Press! Don’t miss them! Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe to the Major Spoilers Podcast Network Master Feed! Major Spoilers Podcast Network Master Feed RSS Feed Show your thanks to Major Spoilers for this episode by becoming a Major Spoilers…

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #178: Brett Uren

Brett Uren is back, and this is our chance to support his Torsobear series of books! Last year he conducted a successful Kickstarter campaign for the first volume in this series, and now he’s closing up his second project, this time for Torsobear Volume 2: All Stitched Up. The project will conclude in early June, so be sure to help out as much as you can by going to this link or getting there through the Torsobear website. Brett discusses both Torsobear volumes with me, from its inception and critical reception through the assembling of the participating creators to this…

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #176: Ed Brisson, Joelle Jones

It’s a double feature week in Episode 176 of the Wayne’s Comics Podcast, featuring two creators with books coming to your local store this Wednesday, May 13! First up is my interview with Ed Brisson, creator of The Mantle, a great book from Image Comics! We talk about how the series came into being as well as exploring his other creations, including Cluster from BOOM! Studios, Sheltered from Image and his self-published Murder Book, now collected at Dark Horse. Be sure to pick up The Mantle #1 this Wednesday! Then comes Joelle Jones, co-writer and artist on Dark Horse’s Lady…

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