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Ward of the State

Alien Pig FarmDynamo 5Image ComicsInvincibleSneak PeekThe RideWard of the State

It’s Friday, and if you were paying attention you noticed there wasn’t a sneak peek from Image yesterday. That’s because the company sent us so many sneak peeks this week that it spilled over to today, giving you plenty to gawk at as you slide into the weekend. Alien Pig Farm, Ward of the State, The Ride, and Dynamo 5 are just a few you can feast your eyes on after the jump.

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Alien Pig FarmDynamo 5Image ComicsOccult Crimes TaskforceSneak PeekThe RideWard of the State

Rejoice comic fans for it is Thursday, and since we had a holiday early in the week, it means your new comics arrive today. To further continue the celebration, Image Comics has sent us its Sneak Peek of the Week. This week Ward of the State, Alien Pig Farm, Dynamo 5, and more, more, more! Let the glut of comic goodness begin!

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Alien Pig FarmImage ComicsSneak PeekSpawnWard of the State

Image Comics has come through again delivering previews to Ward of the State, Alien Pig Farm, The Astounding Wolfman, and Spawn 167. Looks to be some good stuff in this batch of previews with Alien Pig Farm and the latest edition of Spawn getting some buzz on the Interwebs. And don’t forget The Astounding Wolfman #1 is completely free!

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Image ComicsSneak PeekWard of the State

Image Comics has sent us a sneak peek of Ward of the State #1 scheduled to it stores in May. Take the jump for a four page preview, plus another look at those three intense covers.

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