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When I was growing up, I loved 80-page Giants! In those days, these books cost like a quarter and were reprints from 5-10 years earlier. But I hadn’t read them, so I pored over each and every story! It was an adventure into tales I hadn’t read before, but still grew to love. DC Universe: Rebirth #1 is a lot like those wonderful comics. There’s a LOT going on, some of it touching on recent comics stories, others going back into previous DC storylines I enjoy remembering.

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DCFlashRebirthWally West

It’s been a long time since we last saw this character, but this week, when Rebirth kicks off, the return of SPOILERS finally happens! SPOILERS AFTER THE JUMP!

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As of this writing, we’re only a few days away from the third week of DC’s Convergence event, and it’s been something of a fun event for me.

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ConvergenceDCFeaturedFlashReviewWally West

Wally West is back, but so are Jai and Iris. Will they outrun the competition or stumble out of the block in Convergence: Speed Force #1?

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Barry AllenDCFeaturedFlashReviewWally West

In the third Flash annual of the New 52 we get a lot of talking, a costume change for Barry and a not-so-politically correct introduction to fan-favourite speedster Wally West.

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If you were hoping for news regarding Wally West (the pre-DCnU Flash), we have some for you.

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While DC has maintained Wally West and Bart Allen would continue to play a big role in the Flash Universe – there were statements made that BOTH Wally and Barry would continue to be the Flash – Dan DiDio quashed those claims in an interview with Newsarama.  DiDio stated that Barry would be the only Flash in 2010, as the Wally West back up stories, and the Kid Flash title have both been dropped. When Johns brought Green Lantern back, at least Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner had the Green Lantern Crops to return to where we could follow their

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DCFlashReviewWally West

The Wild Wests: Growing Up Fast – Part 1 Or – “Welcome back, to that same place that you laughed about” Here we go, the issue we’ve been salivating for ever since we found out Bart was a goner, Wally was coming back, and Mark Waid was coming with him. Not only do we get the return of the Flash title, but the issue numbering picks up right where it left off. In the year since he’s been absent from the DCU, things have changed for the scarlet speedster, and this issue attempts to explain where he’s been and what’s

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Barry AllenDCFlashMajor SpoilersPollWally West

Our non-scientific poll has closed, and fans have responded: They want Wally West back in the pages of the Flash! Of course the poll ends just in time for Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #13 to arrive, marking the end of the series.  Will Bart die? Is Wally really coming back, or will it be pre-Crisis Barry Allen?  Come back on Wednesday for our first day release review of Flash for all the answers. And with the closing of the Flash poll, it’s time to turn our attention to Marvel and one Tony Stark.  Is Tony a Skrull? Take the

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