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Or – “A Book That Really Surprised Me…” I have to admit, of all the original Image Comics properties, WildCATs was the one that seemed to have the most potential (even if the name was pretty awful.)  When I heard that Voodoo would be one of the core titles of the New 52, opinions around Gatekeeper Hobbies were that it wouldn’t make six issues.  12 months on, I’m still surprised…  Your Major Spoilers review awaits!

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Or – “The Most Unlikely Relaunch Title, Even Moreso Than Grifter…” I’ll say this for the relaunch:  They certainly seem to be willing to take chances as well as ready to try and bring back all manner of readers with the depth and breadth of their titles.  Most interestingly for me is the fact that there are THREE Wildstorm titles (which is to say, three former 1990’s Image titles) in play out of 52 books.  Stormwatch was mostly okay, Grifter was quite drab, and now we see the former WildCAT called Voodoo take her place in the spotlight…  But will

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