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Same world, new characters Viper Comics Dead@17, is one of those titles you will either love or hate, but given the chance you might find yourself scouring the bins for the back issues, and collected volumes. I was first intrigued by Dead@17, when I first came across Josh Howard’s artwork for the cover of the first issue on the Viper Comics website. A hot girl, in a school girl uniform, wielding an axe, killing zombies, and she’s dead? How can you not want to read it?

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Viper Comicsviper comiswebcomic

Viper Comics has announced they will now be accepting open submissions for a webcomic to join the company’s existing strips You’ll Have That and The Horrible Pirates.“Viper is always on the lookout for the newest talent in comics and hopefully this opportunity will allow us to showcase a great unknown to a world-wide audience,” said Viper President Jessie Garza. Creators will need to provide sample pages/strips of their webcomic (with finished art) and a full pitch regarding the characters and content. Only submissions from complete creative teams will be accepted. All submissions should be sent to . The chosen

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