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Doctor StrangeMarvelMoviesVideo

Are you super excited for the upcoming Doctor Strange movie? “HELLZ TO THE YEAHZ, MAN!” Want to see 15 minutes of footage for free? “DUDE! STOP MESSIN’ WITH MY MIND!” You’ll be able to open your mind and see fifteen minutes of IMAX footage for free on October 10th at 115 IMAX theaters in North America.

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The Doubleclicks debuted their new music video this morning, and it is pretty intense. “Sometimes bad things happen. Friends can help. It’s a serious song about triggers that remind someone of an abusive relationship, and processing, and therapy to deal with that.”

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GamingLegoTrailerVideoVideo Games

We’ve heard bits and pieces of Battle Arenas in LEGO Dimensions, and today we get our first look at the various gameplay modes, and a new trailer!

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Luke CageMarvelNetflixTelevisionTrailerVideo

We are just a few days away from the Netflix Marvel’s Luke Cage series, and a new trailer has arrived to get us all excited!

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FeatureFeaturedLegoMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers VideoReviewToysVideo

Fall has arrived, and the late harvest begins with LEGO Batman: Scarecrow – Harvest of Fear!

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Hawkgirl needs a break, and the teen Super Heroes chip in to help out.

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What is the problem with horror games that use the Cthulhu mythos? Extra Credits examined the problem (and a possible solution) in a video from a few years ago, that still makes sense today. Or maybe it doesn’t make sense, and you are just going mad… MAD I TELL YOU!

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comic conventionCosplayDragon ConVideo

Beat Down Boogie has compiled a new video featuring the cosplay on display at the Dragon Con 2016 parade. Check it out to see what was going outside the convention hall on Saturday.

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ghost in the shellMoviesParamount PicturesVideo

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the upcoming Ghost in the Shell movie starring Scarlett Johansson. Paramount Pictures has released the first clips from the flick, which means it is up to you to take the jump and weigh in on the online complaints.

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Fan FilmStar WarsVideo

What happens when you are one of the first Stormtoopers on the ground? Jakku: First Wave is a fan film centered on three Imperial Stormtroopers just before the battle of Jakku.

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FeatureFeaturedLegoMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers VideoMarvelReviewSpider-ManToysVideo

Doc Ock and his tentacles threaten the city. Only Spider-Man, White Tiger, and Captain Stacy can save the day. Also, The Vulture!

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comic conventionCosplayDragon ConVideo

The crew at Sneaky Zebra ran around like crazy at DragonCon capturing great cosplayers in action. Now the YouTube channel is sharing the results of their hard work with the rest of the world.

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FeatureFeaturedFinally FridayMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers LiveMajor Spoilers VideoVideo

Another week has come to a close, which means it is time to talk about the week that was.

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DisneyDoctor StrangeMarvelMoviesVideo

A new featurette from Disney shows off the intensity and backstory of Doctor Stephen Strange on his journey to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

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