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Heroes to be Turned into Video Game

Gamemaker Ubisoft has announced it has acquired the rights to turn the NBC series Heroes into a video game. The long-in-the-works deal gives Ubisoft the rights to build a third-person superhero action game that brings the series characters, locations and story lines to next-generation game consoles and the PC. The untitled game could be in stores as soon as late 2008. This will be an ensemble game instead of following the adventures of one character. More information is sure to come out during the Heroes Panel at the San Diego Comic-Con. “From Day 1 we’ve all been thinking about the…

Dynamite Entertainment
Mercenaries Jump into Comics

Dynamite Entertainment has done it again by obtaining another hot property. Teaming up with Pandemic Studios, Dynamite Entertainment will be creating comic books based on the Mercenaries video games. The series will be written by Brian Reed, with interior art by Edgar Salazar, and covers by Michael Turner. In a prepared statement Dynamite’s Nick Barrucci said, “Writer Brian Reed is blowing comics fans away with his work on New Avengers: Illuminati, Ms. Marvel and Red Sonja, so you can expect more of the same incredible action-packed storylines and intrigue from him on Mercenaries.” There will be some cross promotion between…

Batman Lego Game On the Way

Fans of Lego Batman and video games have a reason to rejoice as Warner Bros and TT Games will bring LEGO Batman: The Videogame to consoles and the PC in 2008. Judging from the press release sent out by the company, this game will be similar to the LEGO Star Wars games that have shot up the charts. “Batman spans several generations as one of the most popular DC Super Heroes, and LEGO BATMAN will appeal to several generations of gamers who grew up idolizing the Dark Knight and playing with LEGO toys,” said Samantha Ryan, Senior Vice President, Development…

Spider-Man III Game Footage

The Spider-Man III video game takes you below the streets of New York as you battle Venom, Sandman, and more. Looks pretty awesome to me, although I really wonder if subway tunnels and sewers are that big. embedPlayer(626918980)

Captain America Video Game Retrospective

Captain America may be dead (for now) but you can relive his adventures over and over again through that popular medium video games. Since 1987 Captain America has been duking it out with villians across the Marvel Universe. While some of the games may seem REALLY bad by today’s standards, I remember some of these when they first came out and “marvel”ed at how cool they were. Marvel has created a retrospective of Captain America related games through the ages, and here are a peek at a few. Memories…

Top Cow
The Darkness Video Game

I’m a big fan of The Darkness comic, it’s freaky, spooky, and thrilling all at the same time. Imagine how cool it would be to play a Darkness video game. Well wait no longer; 2K Games has released gameplay footage that should have you wet for release day. You can view the trailer here, and you can view the eight minutes of gameplay here. Groovy…

Justice League Preview

Warner Bros. has announced the Justice League Heroes game now has a MySpace page to capitalize on the whole social networking/viral marketing fad. In addition to screen shots and images for the game, Warner has posted the game trailer as well. [youtube]g0l_wyaZZAQ[/youtube] via Justice League Heroes MySpace (link)

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