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Wolfenstein comic book
BusinessGamingSolicitationsTitan ComicsVideo Games

Bethesda Software announced it is teaming with Titan Comics to bring new comics based on the game developers properties to the spinner rack.

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Killer Instinct
Dynamite EntertainmentGamingPress ReleaseSolicitationsVideo Games

Writer Ian Edgington and artist Cam Adams have been tapped to bring the world of the hit-game franchise Killer Instinct to comics.

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DCFeaturedGamingGeek History lessonVideo Games

Superman rules the Earth in an alternate universe and Batman is his greatest enemy! Let us get you up to date with the Injustice Universe before you play Injustice 2!

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Swordquest #0
AtariDynamite EntertainmentSneak PeekVideo Games

The quest for the sword continues in Swordquest #0. It sounds like the setup for a video game, because it is! Take the jump for a look at the issue based on the unfinished Atari trilogy!

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Tekken #1
GamingSneak PeekTitan ComicsVideo Games

Titan Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Tekken #1 by Cavan Scott and Andie Tong.

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AtariDynamite EntertainmentSolicitationsVideo Games

Dynamite Entertainment continues its Atari comic book run with Centipede #1  by Max Bemis and Eoin Marron.

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Eve Online
Dark Horse ComicsGamingPress ReleaseSolicitationsVideo Games

PRESS RELEASE – The universe of EVE® Online is peopled with characters both cunning and cutthroat, but their talents would mean little without the impressive power of their starships to bring them to bear! Dark Horse is thrilled to announce the Frigates of EVE Online: The Cross Sections hardcover, available June 6, 2017.

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Top Ten Arcades in America
VideoVideo Games

Arcades are making a big comeback in the United States, and this video from the DistractotronChannel on YouTube runs down their top ten.

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Dark Horse ComicsGamingSolicitationsVideo Games

Dark Horse and BioWare have teamed up for new Mass Effect: Andromeda books that game fans will want to get their hands on.

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AtaribooksDynamite EntertainmentSolicitationsVideo Games

My bedroom is going to be covered with retro Atari art, much to my wife’s dismay, when the Dynamite Entertainment Atari Poster Book arrives in June.

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Fan FilmVideoVideo Games

FIGHT! Check out this new Mortal Kombat fan film from Beat Down Boogie.  

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Dungeons And DragonsGamingVideo Games

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment Inc. have released the latest expansion for the popular MMORPG, Neverwinter. Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy is available now for PC, and is expected to arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year.

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SolicitationsTitan ComicsVideo Games

What happens to the Tekken characters when your quarters run out? Titan Comics has announced a new series based on the popular video game franchise, that is coming our way in May!

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BandaiGamingSolicitationsTitan ComicsVideo Games

Based on the Bandi Namco game, Little Nightmares, Titan Comics has announced a new comic series coming our way in May.

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