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Did you really think Fables would be gone forever? Vertigo has announced a new chapter in the Fables by Matthew Sturges and Dave Justus.

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BatmanDCFeaturedJokerPaul DiniReviewVertigo

Batman is a character that works regardless what kind of story you’re telling. Sci-fi? Sure! Horror? Of course! Mystery? You bet! Now a hardcover original graphic novel arrived this week that shows he even works in a “real” tale of struggle and redemption. Batman is a character that works regardless what kind of story you’re telling. Sci-fi? Sure! Horror? Of course! Mystery? You bet! Now a hardcover original graphic novel arrived this week that shows he even works in a “real” tale of struggle and redemption. DARK NIGHT: A TRUE BATMAN STORY HC Writer: Paul Dini Artist: Eduardo Risso Published by: DC Comics/Vertigo Cover

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Art OpsFeaturedReviewVertigo

Reggie never much liked his parents, but even he has to admit that his mother saved his life. Of course, she did it by replacing his severed arm with a mass of sentient art, which can lead to additional complications in living that life.  So, y’know, mixed blessing, I guess.  Your Major Spoilers review of Art Ops #5 awaits!

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With Lucifer debuting on FOX on January 25th, here’s star Tom Ellis, checking out the comic from Vertigo. Will you be tuning in to see Lucifer? I’m kind of on the fence at the moment. More than likely I’ll check out the first couple of episodes to see what’s going down.

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Vertigo has announced the return of Suiciders with an all new chapter, Suiciders: Kings of HELL.A., that will arrive in March.

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Be careful what you draw, and be even more mindful of two guys reviewing your comic book. Matthew and Stephen take a gander at Red Thorn #1 from Vertigo in this week’s Dueling Review podcast.

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In the world of social media, it’s all about who you know, or at least, who you follow…  Your Major Spoilers review of Unfollow #1 awaits!

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ConvergenceDCFeaturedKickstarterNew York Comic ConPodcastPrezVertigoWayne's Comics Podcast

This week, Russell Nohelty from Katrina Hates the Dead introduces us to his new book and discusses how you can access his great product at and his upcoming crowdfunding instruction site, so he’s up first in episode #202!

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Clean RoomFeaturedReviewVertigo

Hey…  Spoilerites. Wanna see something REALLY scary?  Your Major Spoilers review of Clean Room #1 awaits!

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This year’s New York Comic Con was sick! (I found out “sick” is the new “awesome” when I was at a restaurant wearing a cool Batman shirt and a guy came up behind me declaring, “That shirt is SICK!” I may be behind on my current lingo, but I figured it out!) This past weekend, the latest NYCC was held in the Big Apple, and it was great! I was yet again on both sides of the table, and all four days were big ones, with the crowds being the biggest I’d ever experienced there. Thursday, Friday and Sunday all

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comic conventionNew York Comic ConVertigo

Shelly Bond, the executive editor of Vertigo, welcomed the crowd by introducing some of the amazing writers and artists behind Fall’s most anticipated new series.

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Seth Rogen took to Twitter to announce the “air date” for the upcoming television adaptation of Vertigo’s Preacher, but it might not air when everything thinks.

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During the Vertigo panel, the DC Comics’ imprint announced twelve new titles coming our way this fall and beyond. Here are the new titles: October The Twilight Children – Gilbert Hernandez and Darwyn Cooke Survivors’ Club – Lauren Beukes, Dale Halvorsen, Ryan Kelly Clean Room – Gail Simone and John Hunt Art Ops – Shaun Simon and Michael Allred November Unfollow – Rob Williams and Mike Downling Slash & Burn – Si Spencer, Max Dunbar, and Ande Parks Red Thorn – David Baillie and Meghan Hetrick Jacked – Erik Kripke and John Higgins December Sheriff of Baghdad – Tom King

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DCPress ReleaseSolicitationsVertigo

Press Release DC Entertainment’s Vertigo imprint, home to creator-driven, standalone and high concept stories, will publish AMPED from acclaimed television creator Eric Kripke (SUPERNATURAL, REVOLUTION).

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