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MarvelSneak PeekVenom

Marvel has released a new look at Venom #1 from Mike Costa and Gerardo Sandoval.

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MarvelTodd McFarlaneVariantVenom

When Venom #1 arrives on stands in November, look for Todd McFarlane’s variant cover. That’s right – TODD MCFARLANE!

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Cullen BunnDeadpoolMarvelSneak PeekSolicitationsVenom

What kind of craziness would happen if Deadpool bonded with the Venom symbiote? You can do two things; talk about it with your friends when you visit your LCS today, or take the jump for a sneak peek of Deadpool: Back in Black #1 by Cullen Bunn and Salva Espin.

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Now that the Sony hack has settled down, it looks like the Venom stand alone movie is moving ahead at the studio.

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MarvelPress ReleaseSolicitationsVenom

This spring, a special Marvel Comics storyline will delve into the trials, perseverance, and eventual triumph of wounded veterans aided and informed by one of the leading non-profit organizations dedicated to these wounded service members – Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP). The upcoming arc of Marvel Comics’ VENOM: SPACE KNIGHT will take readers through a powerful story that sees Flash Thompson abandon the alien suit, which has afforded him the ability to walk, to receive prosthetic legs. Writer Robbie Thompson consulted with WWP spokesperson and double amputee Dan Nevins to portray an eye-opening look at the everyday struggles and incremental victories

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MarvelSneak PeekVenom

Are you ready for the adventures of Venom, in spaaaaaaaaace? Marvel sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Venom: Space Knight #1 by Robbie Thompson and Ariel Olivetti.

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Time for part two of the Major Spoilers review of Marvel Spider-Man Infinite Legends Series 2 figures.  This go round we’ll be playing with Chameleon, Superior Venom, and the Rhino build-a-figure.  Enough talk, let’s crack these guys open and check them out! Time for part two of the Major Spoilers review of Marvel Spider-Man Infinite Legends Series 2 figures.  This go round we’ll be playing with Chameleon, Superior Venom, and the Rhino build-a-figure.  Enough talk, let’s crack these guys open and check them out! For each figure I’ll be reviewing quality, articulation, paint application, accessories and overall fun factor of

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Diamond Comic DistributorsMarvelMerchandiseVenom

I have loved lava lamps since I was a young lad and the stuff inside the lamps would come alive and move around for hours inside that glass container. While lave lamps continue to be a popular decorating item in dorm rooms and Nerd Rooms of Doom around the country, Marvel has figured out a way brand the lights for comic book fans by giving us Venom in a jar.

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FeatureFeaturedLegoMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers VideoMarvelNick FuryReviewSpider-ManUltimate Spider-ManVenomVideo

Mason has the bug – well, technically it is an arachnid, but he’s all about Ultimate Spider-Man and the LEGO sets that have been released. Released in 2012, here is his build and review of set 76004: Spider-Man Super-Cycle Chase.

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Guardians of The GalaxyMarvelSneak PeekVenom

The Guardians of the Galaxy travel to the planet of the symbiotes, and we have your first look!

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Diamond Select ToysMarvelMerchandiseVenom

Diamond Select Toys has a new bottle opener coming your way featuring the gaping maw of one of Spider-Man’s deadliest foes.

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comic conventionFan FilmMarvelsan diegoSpider-ManVenom

Poor Eddit Brock; he simply can’t catch a break after that scandal. Adi Shankar, Sam Balcomb, Joe Lynch,and True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten have a fascinating documentary about the incident, that you REALLY need to see… like… right now… It rivals what we saw in last year’s Dirty Laundry

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Black Catcomic conventionDan SlottDaredevilGreen GoblinMarvelsan diegoSpider-ManSpider-Man 2099Superior Spider-ManVenom

What happens when you meet your greatest hero and he doesn’t turn out to be who you thought he was? Well, the Superior Spider-Panel set that question in motion for Flash Thompson, a.k.a. Venom, with the announcement of Darkest Hours, a four part story arc starting in Superior Spider-Man #22 and continuing through to Superior Spider-Man #25. For the cover to that, and some more Spider-News, take the jump.

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Flash Thompson, Peter Parker’s old rival from high school, has made quite a splash since becoming the new host for the Venom symbiote. As a member of the Secret Avengers and Thunderbolts, the new Venom seems to be finding his place in the Marvel Universe. Recently, Flash has moved out of New York and into Philadelphia, where he hopes to continue his heroic ways. Check out the review of VENOM #31 for the adventures of the symbiotic soldier after the jump!

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