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Review These Savage Shores #3 Review
These Savage Shores #3 Review 10.0

Like chess pieces on the board, Prince Vikram and Bishan are drawn into the conflict with England and the East India Company, and Count Grano arrives in India. Who will survive?

These Savage Shores #2 Review 9.0

Intrigue and monsters abound in this tale set in India after the fall of the Mughal Empire. Our first main character is dead, which changes everything. But who killed him and what prowls in the night here?

Review Britannia: The Lost Eagles of Rome #4 Review
Britannia: Lost Eagles of Rome #4 Review 10.0

Sidetracked from Germany to Egypt, has Antonius found the missing Roman Eagles? And can he and Achillia get out of Egypt with their lives? Let’s find out in Britannia: Lost Eagles of Rome #4 from Valiant Entertainment.

Featured These Savage Shores #1 Review
These Savage Shores #1 Review

Along the Silk Route, in 1766, the East India Company seeks to secure its future. Alain Pierrespont, hunted in England, has been transported here, where the days are scorched and the nights are full of teeth!

Britannia: Lost Eagles of Rome #3 Review

Looking for the lost Eagles, Antonius Axia is in Alexandra investigating General Verres, the one who lost them. The trail leads to his scout, Ignatius, who seems to be on close terms with the man who calls himself Pharaoh and claims to be the reincarnation of Ramesses Twelve. These cannot merely be coincidences!

Submerged #2 Review

In New York City, in the midst of the biggest storm of the century, Elysia Puente is trying to find her estranged brother who needs her help. But down in the subways, things have taken a decidedly supernatural turn… Let’s find out what happens next in our review of Submerged #2 from Vault Comics.

Sneak Peek Fearscape #1
Fearscape #1

Vault Comics has released a sneak peek of Fearscape #1 from Ryan O’Sullivan, Andrea Mutti, and Vladimir Popov, that arrives in September.

Featured Vagrant Queen #1 Review
Vagrant Queen #1 Review

Once a child queen, now a space rogue, Elida Al-Feyr runs her game the only way she knows how, with a blaster in her fist and chip on her shoulder. But when she finds out there is a chance her mother is still alive eight years after she was thought to be dead, will she take a chance and try to save her? Is a nerf-herder scruffy looking? Let’s find out in Vagrant Queen #1 from Vault Comics!

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