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Review Psi-Lords #8 Review
Psi-Lords #8 Review 9.0

As Nihilio and the Gyre converge on Earth, what can the Astro-Friends do? And will they finally accept that as their nickname? Find out the in the shattering conclusion to Psi-Lords #8, from Valiant Entertainment!

Review The Visitor #1 Review
The Visitor #1 Review 6.7

As a contingent of Japanese scientists move through New York working on their secret project, they are hounded by a strange figure who is committing high profile attacks aimed at them. Can U.N. Security Agent Talia Dauber keep them safe or will their secret project meet with failure? Find out in THE VISITOR #1 from Valiant Entertainment.

Review Doctor Mirage #5 Review
Doctor Mirage #5 Review 7.7

Is Shan Fong Mirage dead? Is there a way out of the afterlife she and Grace have fallen into? And who is trying to connect with her through all of this? Find out in Dr. Mirage #5, out now from Valiant Entertainment.

Review Rai #2 Review
Rai #2 Review 8.3

Rai and his companion have encounter a place that should not exist within the mysterious Ghost Zone. As Rai and Raijin find their first target, they get a glimpse at how the world once might have been. Will they succeed in their mission or will they succumb to the kindest cut of all? RAI #2 from Valiant Entertainment!

Review Psi-Lords #7 Review
Psi-Lords #7 Review 8.7

A power struggle in remote space is actually hurtling toward Earth. Is there certain destruction in the near future? Find out in Psi-Lords #7 from Valiant Entertainment.

Sneak Peek Bloodshot #0
[First Look] Bloodshot #0

Valiant Entertainment celebrates 150 issues of Bloodshot, with Bloodshot #0 that arrives just in time for the new Vin Diesel movie. Valiant Entertainment was kind enough to send us a preview of the issue.

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