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Review Psi-Lords #2 Review
Psi-Lords #2 Review 8.3

Hazard, Tank, Artisan, and Beacon escape from prison only to find that they are stranded in space orbiting a dying dwarf star. What new adventures await them in Psi-Lords #2?

Sneak Peek
[First Look] Bloodshot #1

The new Bloodshot comic is on the way in September, but today – TODAY, Dear Readers – we have a first look at the issue from Tim Seeley and Brett Booth, just for you to check out.

Psi-Lords #1 Review 9.3

Who are they? Where are they? What has happened to them? Introducing a new cosmic adventure series – read on to find out more about Psi-Lords #1!

Valiant Entertainment announces Whilce Portacio Killers variant run

While one can argue the merits of variant covers, sometimes, a variant cover collection comes along that seems just right. The Darwyn Cooke variants from DC a few years ago was brilliant, and I think Valiant Entertainment may be on to something with the announcement that Whilce Portacio is creating variant covers for the Pre-Order Edition of the Killers #1-5.

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