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Sneak Peek Bloodshot #0
[First Look] Bloodshot #0

Valiant Entertainment celebrates 150 issues of Bloodshot, with Bloodshot #0 that arrives just in time for the new Vin Diesel movie. Valiant Entertainment was kind enough to send us a preview of the issue.

Rai #1 Review 7.0

Cyborg Ronin Rai and his sibling Raijin is out on a mission to make sure New Japan never rises again. To do this they must hunt down their siblings but Rai is trying to retain his humanity despite this path of violence. Come check out his quest in Rai #1 by Valiant Entertainment!

Review Roku #2 Review
Roku #2 Review 7.0

Roku has succeeded in obtaining the weapon she was hired to steal, but the fact that it is a young girl is something of a surprise. Will she be able to complete her mission or will shadows from the past take her down? ROKU #2 is on store shelves now from Valiant Entertainment!

Review Psi-Lords #6 Review
Psi-Lords #6 Review 7.7

In the Gyre, alien gangs of Wardens vie for control and keeping order in their orbital prison. But who is responsible for them being trapped here – the Psi-Lords or the Starwatchers? Find out in Psi-Lords #6 from Valiant Entertainment.

Review Dr. Mirage #3 Review
Dr. Mirage #3 Review 7.3

Dr. Mirage uses her magic to connect with Grace’s mind, to see what she sees in the hopes of seeing Hwen again. She gets more than she bargained for in Dr. Mirage #3 from Valiant Entertainment.

Review Psi-Lords #5 Review
Psi-Lords #5 Review 8.0

The fight with the Widowers brings the crew from Earth into the eyes of the Wardens of the Gyre. What new threat have they uncovered? Find out in Psi-Lords #5 from Valiant Entertainment.

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