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Munchkin Land
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Legendary DXP has been out for a month, and Upper Deck and Skyreacher have been releasing updates on a regular basis. This week, Stephen check out the v12 release.

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Legendary DXP launched this week for Apple devices. It’s a game we’ve been waiting for, and Stephen finally sat down to play it. Is Legendary DXP as good as everyone hoped, or does it have problems?

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Buffy the Vampire SlayerGamingLegendaryUpper Deck

We’ve been waiting for a very long time for Upper Deck to release Legendary: Buffy the Vampire Slayer game. With GenCon just around the corner, guess what is finally arriving?

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GamingMunchkin LandUpper Deck

The Legendary game from Upper Deck is a blast to play. But sometimes you can’t gather your friends (or spend the hour setting the game up) at a moments notice. On August 17th that changes with the release of Legendary DXP, a digital gaming platform for mobile devices.

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Legendary Fantastic Four
Fantastic FourGamingMarvelUpper Deck

Years ago, Upper Deck released the Marvel Legendary Fantastic Four expansion, but for “some reason” the company was not allowed to reprint the expansion. GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! In six to eight weeks we’ll see reprints of Marvel Legendary Fantastic Four on store shelves.

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GamingMarvelUpper Deck

Upper Deck has announced another expansion for the popular Marvel: Legendary Deck Building Game that adds the Noir universe to the game play.

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GamingLegendaryUpper Deck

We have been super excited to get our hands on the upcoming Legendary Big Trouble in Little China game from Upper Deck. As GenCon approaches, we are finally starting to get details on the game mechanics.

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Captain AmericaGamingLegendaryMarvelUpper Deck

Upper Deck, the makers of the very engaging Legendary Deck Building Games, have announced a new expansion to celebrate Captain America’s 75th birthday.

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ContestPress ReleaseUpper Deck

Press Release With the new football season underway, golf’s FedExCup Playoffs just completed, the prestigious Ryder Cup coming up this weekend, and the baseball playoffs and NHL® and basketball seasons getting ready to begin, there is no better time for the most elite of sports fans to spruce up their beloved man caves for one of the most important, fun times on the sports calendar. Now Upper Deck wants to make things even more exciting by coming in and helping a few lucky fans redecorate.  

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