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For the last couple of days, rumor has spread like wildfire across the Intardwebz that Marvel is considering a big crossover between the 616 Universe and the Ultimate Universe (Universe 1610), with the ultimate outcome (see what I did there) being the closure/end of the Ultimate line of print comics.  Brian Michael Bendis, the guy that has been helming the U-Universe, and doing a dang find job of it (save for that horrible Loeb debacle), says this isn’t what is happening.  But that got us wondering anyway… VOTE!  

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They meddled in God’s domain I love how Marvel introduced the Watchers into the Ultimate Universe.  Throughout the five issue run of Ultimate Origins, they have been the silent central characters who bare witness to all the key moments in this universe’s history.  And now that this prequel to Ultimatum is over, it suddenly clicks.  Beware! Major Spoilers of Ultimate Origins #5 ahead!

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Marvel sent its own Top 5 list to Major Spoilers, letting everyone know why you must read Ultimatum. I especially like number 1 – FOREVER! (until the next big event).  Is anyone else tired of that phrase’s overuse?  I also like number 5, as it means no more annoying Mary Jane… or does it?  I half expect that to mean everyone will become mutants. Ultimatum #1 arrives November 5, 2008, and features a cover price of $3.99. via Marvel

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Marvel Comics has announced fans of the Ultimate Universe can read the March on Ultimatum Saga #1 for “free” on the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited site. MARCH ON ULTIMATUM SAGA Written by STUART VANDAL Cover by DAVID FINCH I find it interesting that in order to read this “free” book, you have to sign up for an account, which requires you to pay for a monthly or yearly fee.  Your best bet is to head to your LCS and see if the owner has any free copies left over from last week. via Marvel

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With the rumors about a reboot or cancellation of some or all of Marvel’s Ultimate titles, you can bet there were lots of people attending the Marvel Ultimate Panel at San Diego Comic Con.  Take the jump for the highlights.

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Marvel has announced the Astonishing X-Men #25, Ultimates 3 #4, and Ultimate Origins #2 have all sold out at the distributor level, prompting the company to go back to print with variant covers for each. “It’s unbelievably wild that we’ve sold out of all four issues AND multiple printings of these stories,” said Loeb of Ultimates 3 #4.  “We’re having a blast with the Ultimate U’s mightiest heroes and this issue really sets up our last issue #5 of the “Who Killed The Scarlet Witch?” arc.  The ending will surprise you — and even better, it is the direct lead

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Just to show you how popular the first issue of this series was, Marvel let Major Spoilers know that even with the “massive” overprint, the issue sold out at the distributor level. While we wait and see if Marvel will go back to print (my bet is they will), the company has sent us a sneak peek of issue #2.

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