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Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye

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For the last couple of days, rumor has spread like wildfire across the Intardwebz that Marvel is considering a big crossover between the 616 Universe and the Ultimate Universe (Universe 1610), with the ultimate outcome (see what I did there) being the closure/end of the Ultimate line of print comics.  Brian Michael Bendis, the guy that has been helming the U-Universe, and doing a dang find job of it (save for that horrible Loeb debacle), says this isn’t what is happening.  But that got us wondering anyway… VOTE!  

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MarvelSneak PeekUltimate Comics: Hawkeye

Marvel released a sneak peek of Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #4, that you can check out, after the jump.

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MarvelSolicitationsteaserUltimate Comics: Hawkeye

Marvel sent a teaser image for Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #3.

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Or – “He Looks Like Hurricane Helms, Doesn’t He?” Clint Barton used to be one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe, back in the day.  The capable leader of the West Coast Avengers, with an ironclad code of honor, he stood up to the worst and most powerful foes in the Marvel Universe with a weapon that any putz could buy in the Wal-Mart sporting goods section.  That takes cojones of brass, Faithful Spoilerite.  Any more, he’s just another interchangable mask in one or more of the myriad Avengers books, the designated deadpan snarker during the endless pause-laden

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With the Ultimate Universe about to be reborn/reboot/reimagined/retread Marvel has released a series of covers from the new titles kicking the universe into high gear.  The covers to Ultimates #1, Hawkeye #1, X-Men #1, and Spider-Man #1 are all from artist Kaare Andrews. “Kaare is doing the best work of his career with these covers,” said Marvel Senior Editor Mark Paniccia in a prepared statement. “With Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn, all of the titles will be tighter than ever, so when it came time to think up  ideas and concepts for the covers – we wanted a sense of unity

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Marvelultimate comicsUltimate Comics: Hawkeye

Marvel has announced the third new Ultimate Comics title following the Death of Spider-Man event will feature Hawkeye as the central character.  This will not be an ongoing series, but rather a four issue mini that kicks off this summer. “If you give any character a chance at the spotlight and write them well, they all have a chance to be a hit,” said series writer Jonathan Hickman. “As we’re using the story to move the narrative forward, we’ll bring in some other characters to cement how important he’s supposed to be moving forward.” The mini-series will feature art by

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