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Top Cow
Aphrodite IX Sells Out, New Witchblade Coming

Top Cow/Moore Statues Selling Fast! Top Cow Productions, Inc. in conjunction with CS Moore Studio is pleased to announce that all 500 units of the Aphrodite IX Statue Artist Proof edition have sold out from the manufacturer. The statue is a new Artist Proof of the incredibly popular original Aphrodite IX statue released several years ago. It features a brand new paint scheme, new base, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The certificate will come with an original sketch by Marc Silvestri and will be signed by both Silvestri and the sculptor, Clayburn S. Moore.

McFarlane Toys
McFarlane Toys Launches ‘Spawn 30’ Action Figure Line and Online Comic

TEMPE, Az. – For the unprecedented 30th line of Spawn action figures, McFarlane Toys is taking a departure from the Spawn line’s traditionally shadowy world and re-imagining it as a hyperkinetic, high-energy adventure in the tradition of the great Saturday morning cartoons. Eye-popping color, articulated, streamlined figures – many with interchangeable heads and hands – and a dynamic new storyline will bring fans a Spawn they may never have imagined.

Marvel Stop Motion Animation

I’m a big fan of stop motion animation; pose the figure, take a snap, adjust the figure, take a snap, and so on. Lego had a stop motion set about 7 years ago using Marvel’s Spider-Man characters, but that was quite pricey. Jazwares has released their own stop motion package called Marvel Heroes Ani-Movie. Aimed at kids this $59.99 package contains several backgrounds and four flat cardboard figures (Spider-Man, Hulk, Green Goblin, and Dr. Doom). Cardboard? Come on, gimme a break, this thing will last all of 20 minutes before Bobby and Susie get in a fight and rip the…

“HATTER M” Becomes Card Game

(Press Release) September 18, 2006, Hollywood, CA – Ancient and illuminated, the deck slowly scattered. What remained was eventually housed by the British Museum to lay under a thin film of dust, seen by thousands but discovered by only one, Frank Beddor, author of The Looking Glass Wars. After tracking down the full deck, Beddor was able to write his shocking exposé of the true story of Wonderland. But still, he remained haunted by the cards.

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