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Beautiful Rick Deckard’s Blade Runner replica will set you back a pretty penny

Over the last year or so, the interest level of Blade Runner has hit an all-time high. Part of that is due to the Blade Runner 2049 movie, but the other reason is that makers have been 3d printing, crafting, and modeling their own version of Rick Deckard’s gun. From Bill Doran to Adam Savage, the gun is all over the place. EFX Collectibles, which produces high-quality replicas, has their own version of the gun available for pre-order, and it looks gorgeous.

Toys R Us Minimates find new life as Walgreens exclusives

In light of what happened to Toys R Us, Diamond Select Toys seems to have gazed into the looking glass and saw the writing on the wall. Still, there were some products set to release at the now closed toy store that we thought might be lost forever. With its deal with Walgreens, a new wave of Marvel Miniates will soon be available as an online exclusive.

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