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Ten Superhero Party Drinks

I know a lot of people don’t make a big to do about the 100th episode of a podcast anymore, but we’re proud of the fact we’ve made it this far without killing anyone (that you know of), and tonight’s celebration is just the beginning of good things to come as the year continues to roll on. Superheroes have always been the mainstay of Major Spoilers, and if you are going to have a party, why not have a bevy of superhero themed drinks to get the party started?  As I started looking through the Intardwebz, I figured I would…

Ten robots that could kick the Terminator’s ass all the time, every time…really!

The big Terminator movie hits theaters this weekend, and it prompted the Major Spoilers Crew to sit back and think about our impending doom.  Today, we thought we’d present to you, Dear Reader, the definitive list of robots and androids who could actually bring down the T-800 series.    It’s a scientifically calculated list that can not be challenged, due to the intense nature of the work that went into making this list a reality (we said with tongue firmly in cheek).

americas best comics
Review: Top Ten – Season Two #4 (of 4)

Or – “Where It All Gets Weird… Well, Weirder Anyway.” Neopolis is not the place to go if you’re easily confused, frightened by change, or in any way uncomfortable with the new and different.  For the officers of Neopolis P.D., each day is a new trial, with witches and werewolves, cyborgs and super-people, gawds and telepaths walking the streets…  So far, the officers of Top 10 have had to deal with new rules and regulations and a whole new brand of ugly on the streets as mysterious wizards are giving young kids magic words to turn them super.  The question…

Diamond Comic Distributors
Top Comics and Graphic Novels for 2008

It’s still January, so why not try and cram in as many Top 10 lists as we can?  The latest comes from Diamond Comic Distributors who sent us the top selling comics and graphic novels list for 2008.  Can’t say I’m surprised by the results, as anyone who follows the Top 300 list each month can see those trending titles.

americas best comics
Review: Top 10 – Season Two #3 (of 4)

Or – “Oh, Joe Pi, Where Art Thou?” America’s Best Comics is one of my most-missed of the early 00’s comic companies, as Alan Moore and company delivered month after month, giving us creative takes on superhero tales, drawing as much from pulps and television as from comic history.  Top 10 was, arguably, the most successful of the various offerings, so it’s good to see original creators Xander Cannon and Gene Ha back in the saddle with the characters of Neopolis’ Tenth Precinct…  But, can lightning strike into that same bottle again?

Major Spoilers
Major Spoilers’ Top Ten Immortals

We’d all love to live past our prime, see the distant future, and see if the world is a better place.  Of course we could end up spending a millenium sitting on our porch yelling at kids to get off our lawn.  Unless science discovers the immortal pill, we’re all going to die eventually, which means we have to live out our longevity fantasies in comics, movies, and television. To help your fantasies along, we’ve gathered together the top ten immortals in one list, from number 10 all the way to numero uno!

Top 10 Drugs in the DCU

Cue White Rabbit If you aren’t from a distant planet, aren’t getting your powers from a special device, and aren’t gifted with cunning and skill beyond those of the everyday man on the street, your chances of becoming a super-hero are pretty slim.  These limitations have vexed the normals of the DC Universe, prompting scientists – mad and sane alike – to develop drugs to give them powers to fight (or commit) crime. Take the jump to discover the Top 10 Drugs, available for a price, in the DC Universe.

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