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TOP TEN: Episodes Of Smallville

Or – “In Honor Of The Series Finale…” It’s been a long, strange trip for the denizens of Smallville, Kansas, and it looks like there might be a red cape in their near future…  Before the finale, Major Spoilers says farewell to Tom Welling, the Junior Lifeguard Association and all those beautiful young women with this week’s Top Ten!

TOP TEN: Sequels That Hold Their Own

At times there seems to be a stigma attached to movie sequels. A lot of the time they have no purpose other than to capitalize on the name recognition of their popular predecessor. But there are times where the sequels live up to what has come before, or even surpass it on some occasions. Take the jump and see which movies made the cut, and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo sadly didn’t.

TOP TEN: Under-Appreciated Team Leaders

Or – “Why The Best Leaders Aren’t Always Obvious…” I’m a firm believer that it’s never a good idea to try and fully apply real world thought processes to the adventures of our four-color imaginary friends.  (Faithful Spoilerites who pay attention will note that I break virtually all of my rules anyway, on a shockingly regular basis.)  Recent noise out of Marvel Comics seems to indicate that a coming storyline will deal with a split in ranks the X-Men, leading to two factions, one of which will be led by Wolverine.  The ridiculousness of Wolverine leading anything brought me to…

Major Spoilers Top Eight: Spider-Man’s Women

As both Peter Parker and Spider-Man, his friends and family have always shaped Marvel’s most perennially popular protagonist. Many of Spider-Man’s greatest adventures have been infused with the additional drama directly derived from the presence of his loved ones. Some have been held captive by super villains, turned into were-creatures, beaten up, hospitalized, crippled, traumatized for life, turned into criminals, had their marriages dissolved and some have even made the ultimate sacrifice. No, not appearing in a Spidey book written by Todd McFarlane. I’m talking death, folks. Well, as dead as one can be in the today’s comic book marketplace.…

Seven Suggestions to Stimulate Digital Comic Growth

Just over a year ago, Steve Jobs got up on stage and presented to the world the iPad. From the moment it was unveiled, I knew the way we consume comic books would be changed forever. By the time the god-device arrived in April, a slew of digital comic apps were ready, and my digital collection began to bloom. But as we approach the one year anniversary, it’s time to look ahead at ways the industry can attract more readers to the digital format and enhance the reading experience for those already on board.

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Top 20 Comics in the Direct Market for 2010

2010 was a year of ups and downs for the comic industry, and when it comes to comics in the direct market, there were plenty of downs. In a year that saw several months where the top selling comic sold fewer than 100,000 copies, it’s time to pick through the year to discover what were the top selling comics of 2010.

Top Ten Comic Covers of the ’80s

When I volunteered for putting together a Top 10 list, my first inclination was this would be an easy process that essentially wrote itself. Instead, I found myself pouring through back issues and digging into the graphic archives of the Interwebs. My mission statement was clear: The Top 10 Comic Book Covers of the 80s. Who knew that it would be such a rigorous process, eventually taking me approximately 3 hours to compose?

Top Ten: Alternate Superheroes

Over the years comics have given us a staggering number of alternate realities, many of them just thinly veiled excuses to put our favorite superheroes into improbable situations with minimum clean-up. But sometimes alternate realities and alternate futures yield something more, sometimes they accomplish exactly what they should; to allow us to examine a character under a different light. What follows is a list of the best, most successful or so-ridiculous-they-come-back-out-the-other-side-and-are-cool-again characters from alternate dimensions or futures. To make it on this list a character had to be A) interesting B) be from the same company or creator that owns…

TOP TEN: Ten Great Characters With Awful Names

Or -“Because Stephen Demanded It…” So, Stephen challenged me to come up with a good Top Ten topic for the week, and (as is my way) I tried to come up with something positive to say about the nature of the world.  For various reasons, I’ve been out of sorts lately, and all I could come up with were a series of whines and complaints about the world in general, and comics in specific.  Rather than try and deny my inner nature, I have decided to find a positive spin on my own negativity, by talking about characters that I love and enjoy, who don’t…

TOP TEN: Ten Stories That Changed Everything

Or – “And Not Always For The Better…” Every medium has watershed moments; stories, characters or events that change the paradigm for all art of that type.  Going back to the days when movie careers were ruined by “Talkies” (look up Gloria Swanson sometime) these shifts can be jarring for everyone involved, from the creators to the fictional characters themselves.  A sea change is always invigorating, but there’s not way to control or to predict where such reimaginings will actually take us…

Ten Surprise Guest Stars in DC’s Animated Universe

Warner Bros. Animation took cartoons away from the Saturday morning kiddie line-up and made it accessible to people of all ages when it introduced Batman: The Animated Series to the world. Superman, Batman Beyond, and The Justice League all earned high praise from fans as well. While the writers and producers spent a great deal of time finding just the right voice for Batman (Kevin Conroy), Superman (Tim Daly), The Joker (Mark Hammill), and Lois Lane (Dana Delany), it’s the casting of the guest stars who proved the creators wanted to craft the best animated television shows possible. The list…

TOP TEN: Ten Characters Who Should Be More Popular

Or – “Sometimes I Don’t Get What People Like…” Since the beginning of Major Spoilers, I have repeatedly bumped into the realization that not everyone thinks that my favorites are all that awesome.  People miss the grandeur of the 3-D Man, they fail to see the conceptual brilliance that is The Scarecrow, and talk about Batman whenever I try to explain how Matter-Eater Lad single-handedly saved the universe three times.  But there are several cases in comics where I just cannot fathom why the fans aren’t rushing out in a buying frenzy for nine monthly titles featuring their adventures…