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TOP TEN: Songs for The World’s End

This summer’s cinema slate has been backended by two apocalyptic-minded comedies from both sides of the pond. From This Is The End to this week’s The World’s End, it seems like today’s comedic talents might be trying to tell us something. Let Major Spoilers figure it out for you… in song.

TOP TEN: Star Wars Side Characters

The Star Wars Universe is a big, broad, beautiful setting populated by a colorful cast of characters. And we’re not just talking about your Han Solos, Princess Leias and Jar Jar Binkses. Major Spoilers brings you some of the Star Wars universes’ lesser known denizens…

Featured Top 10 Giant Monsters and Robots Pacific Rim Mix
TOP TEN: Songs about Giant Robots and Monsters (Pacific Rim Mix)

Humans have always been fascinated by the possibility of enormous monsters and killer robots. Countless movies, like the recent Pacific Rim; along with comics and yes, even songs have been written on the subject. So I have decided to once again force popular internet meatbags George Chimples and Rodrigo Lopez to count down the best of the best. And the Machines better come out ahead… OR ELSE!

DC top 10 songs about superman
TOP TEN: Songs About Superman

Humans greatly respond to the image and idea of Superman, The Man of Steel is pervasive in American (and world) culture and is the subject of many songs. In order to better understand this phenomenon I have tasked George Chimples and Rodrigo Lopez with compiling the top 10 songs about Superman… OR ELSE! Here are their findings:

TOP FIVE: Five Ways Disney Could Improve/Ruin Star Wars

With the announcement that The Walt Disney Company has purchased Lucasfilm, half of the Internet is very nervous that Disney could monkey around with the property and ruin it completely. We’ve taken a moment to reflect on the pros and cons of this concern, and have discovered five ways Disney could both ruin and improve the Star Wars movies at the same time.

TOP TEN: Batman Team-Ups

With the upcoming release of The Dark Knight Rises, the much-anticipated ending of the Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, we at Major Spoilers have been discussing what we believe to be the most awesome Batman moments of the character’s nearly 90 years of history.  Stephen and I clashed over what the best Batman story EVER would be (I say ‘Joker’s Laughing Fish,’ Stephen’s votes have lately been turning towards the Court of Owls, and Rodrigo likes Justice League Unlimited Bats) but we agree on one thing:  The guy gets around!  I guess when you haven’t got super-powers, one has to get…

TOP TEN: Reasons an Alien Invasion is better than a Zombie Apocalypse

Mysterious ships are being totted around by the military. Faces are being eaten off by humans. These certainly are the times we have secretly dreamed would happen. Most of you probably have a rudimentary idea of what you would do if a zombie apocalypse broke out, or signs pre-made to welcome extra-terrestrials to our world. But if I had to choose between invasion, or the dead coming back to life, I’m going with ET every time. And here I present my Top Ten reasons why.

TOP TEN: Top Ten Northstar Moments

Or – “His Original Costume Is The Only One That Isn’t Awful…” With the recent announcement that Jean-Paul “Northstar” Beaubier would marry his long-time (you should excuse the expression) beau, Kyle, I started thinking about the long and illustrious career of Canada’s fastest man alive.  From his earliest days with Alpha Flight to his current stay on Utopia, Jean-Paul has a long and storied career of heroism, haughty attitude and terrible costumes, but I imagine many of us only know him as Marvel’s first openly-gay superhero.  Seems to me that it’s time to right that particular wrong…

10 Famous People Who Could Be Superheroes

The sad fact of the matter is that we live in a world where being exposed to radioactivity will kill you rather than allow you to grow 50 feet tall and shoot energy beams from your eyes. But what if we didn’t? What if we lived in the crazy world of comic book superheroes? Who, then, would the heroes of this world be? We could certainly guess, but fortunately we don’t have to. Since comics are always pretty specific about who gets to become a superhero. The signs are there, you just have to put it all together.

TOP 10: Adaptations I Like Better Than The Source Material

Or – “Goin’ Rogue, Over Here…” For the last few weeks, at the end of our Tuesday recording session for the Major Spoilers Podcast, Stephen has rather pointedly asked me, “You gonna do an editorial this week?”  I always answer him the same way I answer my day job boss when he asks if my team will lower their AHT, or when Deon at Gatekeeper Hobbies (Huntoon & Gage, Topeka!) asks if I’ve remembered my timesheet this week:  “Sure, that won’t be a problem…”  With the advent of Top 5, it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these,…

Top Five #005: Top Five Black and White Movies

Top Five Black and Movies Top Five is a show where the hosts categorize, rank, compare, and stratify everything… from cars to gadgets to people and movies. From stuff that is hot, and things that are not nearly as interesting – it’s Top Five. This week, we listened to you, and focus this week’s episode on the Top Five Black and White Movies! We know Peter Lorre is on the list, but what about Orson Welles? Did Humphrey Bogart make it, or not? [podcast][/podcast] Direct Download You can subscribe to the RSS feed here. You can subscribe via iTunes here.…

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