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Top Five David Tennant Doctor Who Stories

Enter, David Tennant.  With credits too numerous to mention, but spanning stage, television, movies and radio, Tennant, with his reasonably good looks, light, breezy interpretation of the Doctor, and paired up with Billie Piper, elevated the series to new heights of popularity.

Feature Top Five Scary Doctor Who Episodes
Top Five Scary Doctor Who Stories

Some of the strongest, most striking episodes of Doctor Who are those that have drunk deep of the horror well.  Ostensibly a children’s show, Doctor Who has often taken great delight in terrifying the kiddies.  In Britain, the term ‘behind the sofa’ is directly related to the show’s ability to send the watching kids scurrying for the safety of the rear of that comfortable piece of furniture, safe from the harrowing images on screen.

Ten Things Ten Things
Ten Sentient Places

A wise man once said, ‘Wherever you go, there you are.”  For some, though, it’s more meaningful than others, being as they are, in fact, places where one might go…  Welcome to Ten Things!

Ten Things Ten Things
Ten Tryhard Nineties Designs

Every decade of pop culture has its indelible moments of foolishness, frippery and eminently mockable memories.  The 1990s does not contain more that’s terrible, silly or indefensible than other decades, it just seems that way. Especially in terms of superhero costumes…  Welcome to Ten Things!

comic convention
SDCC’14: Top 10 Stories from Comic-Con 2014 #sdcc

It was a very crazy couple of days in Southern California as the San Diego Comic Con took over the city. With movie stars, cosplayers, comic professionals, and hundreds of thousands of fans in attendance, there was certain to be some big news revealed at the show. With the hundreds of stories posted over the last couple of days, Major Spoilers runs down the Top Ten Stories from Comic-Con 2014.

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