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Variety is reporting Tim Story will direct the Losers for Warner Bros.  According to the report, the adaptation will be set in present day. Film will center around a small band of elite and highly trained commandos who are set up to to be killed by their own government. They set out to avenge the wrong, as well as avenge other injustices. “I haven’t made a movie in the real world since ‘Barbershop,’ because I’ve been locked into the superhero fantasy world,” says Story. Good idea or bad idea?  I’ll let you decide. via Variety

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Director Tim Story has posted an update at his blog on how the shooting for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer movie is coming along. So it has begun! The Fantastic Four have been photographed for Rise of The Silver Surfer. Felt like old times. Everyone’s back in the mix and really picking their characters up where we last left off. We also shot Andre Braugher for the first time. He plays General Hager, an old acquaintance of Reed Richards and one of the major additions to the movie. Jessicas is looking amazing. Chris has his energetic performance firing

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Director Tim Story has posted an update on his MySpace page in regards to the Fantasticar to be used in the next Fantastic Four movie.  Let’s hope the car rocks, and doesn’t suck like some of the more recent visions.

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