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Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb are reuniting this September for an all new installment of their “color” series, this time featuring Captain America in Captain America White #1

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Jeph LeobPollTim Sale

This week and last, the Major Spoilers Crew has taken a look at the Tim Sale/Jeph Loeb Marvel team-ups with color themes.  So we wonder, what is the best of the Marvel “color” books? VOTE!  

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DC Comics has acquired the rights to take the online Heroes comics, that gave readers a deeper glimpse into the characters from the hit NBC series, and collect them in a hardcover collection. I’ve already downloaded the 43 Adobe PDF files from the Heroes website, and these are pretty good reads. But because these are online, graphic heavy, and you have to remember to go to the website each week to get the latest installment, I think a bound edition of the issues is a great idea. In addition to the online strip by artists including Michael Turner, Marcus To,

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comic conventionHeroessan diegoTim Sale

With the success of Heroes, and his work on Spider-Man, Batman, Superman and other comic heroes, Tim Sale is going to be a pretty busy guy at this year’s comic-con. Active Images let us know he will primarily be at his table at the Naked Fat Rave (booth #4601), selling a brand new “Blue” Sketchbook and a color “Jungle Girl” print, t-shirts and more. Take the Jump to see the full size image of Jungle Girl.

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Darwyn CookeDCJonah HexPreviewSneak PeekSupermanTim Sale

DC Comics has sent us a preview of titles scheduled to be in stores November 1, 2006.  Jonah Hex #13 tells the origin of Hex.  Looks like 13 really is his unlucky number.  Superman Confidential should be one of those must have titles, especially since it is illustrated by Tim Sale and written by Darwyn Cooke.  Don’t forget to click the thumbnails!

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HeroesNBCTelevisionTim Sale

No, I’m not talking about 9th Wonders!, but rather a bonus online graphic novel that delves deeper into the storyline from where the show left off. Similar to the bonus online video episodes found in other shows, hints and a deeper understanding of the story might be found by reading (or printing out) the first issue. In the debut, artist Tim Sale leads you into a story from Suresh’s childhood that haunts him to this very day. via NBC Heroes (link)

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