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On Friday,’s Head Honcho Stephen Schleicher wrote the following: “Diamond Comic Distributors has announced DC Comics took the top spot once again in September for comics released in the direct market. Is this the sign of a major market change, or is the apocalypse upon us all!?” Given the reaction of some of my Marvel friends, I’d say the latter. I’ve had to give some the local comics suicide hotline number! Sheesh!

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Or – “Kinda Feels Like A Retro Review, Doesn’t It?” One of the first times that I recall being aware of the creative teams behind the comics was when Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz took over Amazing Spider-Man from Roger Stern and John Romita, Jr. back in the 80’s.  By consciously taking Spidey’s adventures back to something resembling Lee/Ditko, the team cemented themselves as the “retro guys” in my mind.  A later run on Thor that was strongly influenced by Lee/Kirby added to that assessment, and the return of Thunderstrike from the tar pit of the 90’s adds a third

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