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The international UN hero team will arrive in November, according to DC Comics.  The new series will be written by Nick Spencer and CAFU, and will feature a 20-page main story, and a 10-page backup co-feature. “The new series casts the team as a covert special ops force dealing with global threats the rest of the DCU don’t even know exist — all the while struggling with their own choices to become agents and the tortured pasts they’re running from,” said Wil Moss, editor for the series.  “With character-first storytelling and threats exploding from real-world headlines, this relaunch of T.H.U.N.D.E.R.

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Or – “You Thought TYROC Was Obscure?” In the 1950’s when the Legion was formed, the future was all about rocketships, frapguns and aliens with big heads.  Throughout the 60’s, there were occasional flirtations with mystical things, and the 70’s brought Mordru the Merciless, giant floating wizard with one of the silliest hats I’ve ever seen.  Even when the White Witch joined in the 80’s, her magic was much more quantified and limited, itself more resembling science than the sorcerous like of Doctors Strange or Fate.  But during the 90’s Reboot period (known pejoritively as the “Archie Legion”) there was

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