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Friday Sing-AlongmuppetsThe Muppet ShowVideo

If you haven’t seen The Muppets, you’re missing on a great piece with Jason Segel singing about his decision to be a man or a Muppet.

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Boom StudiosFarscapeSneak PeekThe Muppet Show

This week Boom! Studios sent Major Spoilers sneak peeks of Farscape: D’argo’s Lament #1, Mr. Stuffins #1, and The Muppet Show Comic Book #2.

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Boom StudiosThe Muppet Show

When checking the pre-release numbers for The Muppet Show Comic Book #2, Boom! Studios discovered the issue had sold out during the initial release (somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 issues based on my estimates).  This means if you didn’t pre-order the issue, or don’t get to the store early next Wednesday, you’re going to have to wait until late-May when the second printing arrives in stores. via Boom! Studios

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