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Between 1985 and about 1994, it was very important to me that I share my obsessions with other people.  Sure, I was just seeking validation, but I still vividly remember the teenage mortification of trying to play a cool Monkees song for someone, but having to skip a terrible pop atrocity or novelty track to get there.  I am still quite entertained by fellow card-carrying nerds who can tell you each stat bonus on their character sheet or the complete life history of Batman, but find my enjoyment of Power Rangers/Super Sentai to be somehow déclassé. The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as

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Or – “It Must Be Said That I’ve Never Personally Heard Anyone Say They Monkey Around…” This has been a pretty disheartening week for Monkees fans, due to the untimely loss of Davy Jones.  But at least we have the minor upside of the sudden change of heart amongst the general internet community regarding their work.  The so-called Prefab Four prefigured popular culture by nearly half a century, be it in television, music or the fabulous stream of consciousness tour de force that is their movie, ‘Head’, and I take a tiny bit of hipster pride in watching the tides

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