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HuluTelevisionThe Tick

Following the success of The Tick pilot on Hulu, the online network went in for a full season of the big blue hero. Now Hulu is ready to release the show on the world on August 25th.

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DCTeen TitansTelevisionWarner Bros.Young Justice

Not long ago, we were hearing that the live-action Titan series would be on a Turner station, but that appears to have changed as WB Television and DC Entertainment are taking the live action show directly to the consumer.

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The Syfy channel has released the first trailer for the upcoming Krypton series based on the world of Superman seen in DC Comics.

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Locke & Key
HuluIDW PublishingLocke & KeyTelevision

Hello, friends! Have you heard the good word about Locke & Key? We’ve been talking about it for nearly as long as Major Spoilers has been around – It is THAT good. Now the popular series from Joe HIll and Gabriel Rodriguez is finally getting a live action treatment, and it is getting it at Hulu.

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Cloak and Dagger
abcCloak and DaggerDisneyMarvelTelevisionTrailerVideo

When you hear that Marvel is producing a Cloak and Dagger series for Freeform, it sounds like it might not be that great. The first trailer has arrived, it it looks fantastic.

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Squirrel Girl
abcMarvelNew WarriorsSquirrel GirlTelevision

Freeform has ordered 10 episodes of New Warriors from Marvel that will air in 2018. It’s a comedy, and it features Squirrel Girl.

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Animationcomic conventionDreamworks PicturesTelevisionVoltronWonderCon

During the DreamWorks panel at WonderCon, the studio announced Voltron will get a third season.

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Black LightningCWDCTelevision

The CW has picked up the Black Lightning series, and tapped Cress Williams to play the title character. Today, we get our first look at Williams in his costume.

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CWDCFeatureFeaturedFlashFlashbackMajor SpoilersReviewTelevision

The final member of the Rogues Gallery makes his appearance in this week’s episode of The Flash. But is Abra Kadabra the only big bad to make an appearance?

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Flash Duet Easter Eggs
CWDCFeatureFeaturedFlashFlashbackMajor SpoilersReviewSupergirlTelevision

It’s a musical! It’s a crossover! It must be a Duet! Take the jump for a look at the inspirations for this week’s episode of The Flash.

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cartoon networkTelevisionVideo


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Legion on FX

FX’s Legion television series has captured the minds and imagination of comic (and non-comic) book fans around the country. After each week’s episode, my Twitter timeline blows up with people Tweeting how good the show is, and how they want to see a new episode right away. For those that don’t want the series to end, you are in luck as FX has renewed Legion for a second season.

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Neil GaimanStarzTelevisionVideo

If you have been anxiously waiting to see what the live action adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods would look like, Starz has released the first trailer ahead of the April 30th premiere.

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AmazonAmazon StudiosTelevisionThe Tick

I was very impressed with the pilot episode of Amazon’s The Tick. It looks like there were a lot more people who wanted to see The Tick get a series, because it is happening. In addition, those that complained about the costume looking like poo are in for a treat, as Peter Serafinowicz is getting a new costume, too!

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