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ChampionsMarvelteaserUltimate Spider-Man

Based on the original image promoting The Champions, this may be the last teaser we see for a while. via Marvel

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I’m not really sure I get these teasers for the upcoming Champions series. We’ve seen the entire lineup, yet we keep getting these images in our inbox each day. Are you excited for The Champions? via Marvel

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Even though Marvel has released the information regarding the upcoming The Champions series, it looks like they really, really want you to get on the bandwagon. via Marvel

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Here’s another teaser for the upcoming The Champions series from Marvel.

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Marvel released a teaser image for The Champions, the new series featuring the younger heroes of the Marvel Universe. The issue arrives on October 5th. Are you in for this series, and the bigger arc of young people vs. old people? via Marvel

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Aspencomic conventionsan Diego Comic Conteaser

The Aspen Comics panel is over, and the publisher released these teaser images that hint at what is coming next.

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The latest teaser image from Marvel shows the growing divide between the heroes post Civil War II. via Marvel

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Now that the Divided We Fall image has been released as part of the Marvel NOW! event this fall, we are starting to see the younger heroes line up for unemployment.  

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Well the big Marvel NOW! reveal came to a head yesterday when young members of the Avengers burned their membership card.

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In the latest Marvel NOW! teaser image The Wasp and “some guy” are divided. I know, I know, “Stephen, that’s not “Some Guy” that is Foolkiller!” Foolkiller? Has the character really become that popular in the Mercs for Money that he deserves a big teaser share with The Wasp? It’s an interesting question, as most of the teasers about this event have featured a legacy character and a new guy/gal on opposite sides of the shattered image. Is that what the next big event will center on? via Marvel

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Thor and Miles Morales are the latest characters to be on opposite sides of a split coming in Marvel NOW! via Marvel

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Yet another teaser for the upcoming Marvel NOW! event arriving in stores this Fall. This time the image features Ultimates team members Ms. America and Victor Von Doom. via Marvel

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Black PantherMarvelteaser

One of the latest teasers for the upcoming Marvel NOW! has Black Panther and the Prowler on opposite sides of… something. Prowler is currently helping Spider-Man in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man written by Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli, while Black Panther is taking up his own fight in his self titled series by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Chris Sprouse. via Marvel

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MarvelMs Marvelteaser

Marvel has released another teaser for the upcoming Marvel NOW! featuring Ms. Marvel and Riri, a character introduced in Invincible Iron Man on opposite sides of… something. We’ll find out more this fall! via Marvel

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