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TALK BACK: The Hangover Part II

The Hangover arrived in theaters a few years ago and quickly became a hit, proving to H’wood that raunchy comedies could indeed put butts in seats, and bring money to the theater. The Hangover Part II opens nationwide today, and we want to know what you thought? Did you even see it? Did the sequel succeed in outdoing itself, or did it flounder due to high expectations from audience members? Here’s your chance to share your thoughts (good, bad, or indifferent) with the rest of the world. GO!

TALK BACK: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

The fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean has arrived in theaters, and some are already calling this the best Pirates movie Disney has released.  Did you see it?  Are you skipping it? Or are you rushing out to see Penelope Cruz in all her piratey glory… yar… Time for you to use the comment section to share your thoughts on the movie.  What worked, what didn’t work, as well as your recommendations for others to see it or avoid it completely. AND GO!

TALK BACK: Smallville

The final episode of Smallville has finally aired.  Ten years is a long time for any television series to be on the air, but for a comic book based franchise to last that long is an accomplishment. What did you think? Now is your time to use the comment section to reflect on ten years of pseudo-Superman and all it created. Did you love it?  Did you hate it? Did you remember things differently than Matthew did earlier today? AAAANNNNNNDDDDDDD… go.

TALK BACK: Flashpoint #1

Today, the DC Universe changes thanks to Geoff Johns.  Will the alternate take on reality work, fail, or fall somewhere in between?  We want to know what you think about the event and want you to speculate on how the DC Universe will be changed going forward. GO!

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