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DCFun Panel of the WeekTales of the Unexpected

I’m still catching up in my reading, and just finished Tales of the Unexpected #6.  As expected, Crispus Allen and The Spectre are getting to a very scary point in their relationship, and the Dr. 13 backup story continues to spiral to the weird. Which brings me to the Fun Panel of the Week; Dr. 13 and his entourage of I. Vampire and talking gorilla Nazi find themselves in a subway tunnel.  As cars pass, we get a glimpse of those inside. Is it me or from left to right do we have Wolverine, Clark Kent, some fat lady, Matt

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BatmanDCJustice Society of AmericaSneak PeekTales of the UnexpectedY: The Last Man

I love a week when I have so many sneak peeks coming in that I can do bonus editions from each of the companies. This week DC Comics is on the Good List by dropping off previews for Batman #663, Justice Society of America #3, Tales of the Unexpected #5, and Y: The Last Man. Damn that’s a lot of previews.

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DCDoctor ThirteenReviewTales of the UnexpectedThe Spectre

Tales of the Expected The 2006 installment of Tales of the Unexpected featuring The Spectre, and a backup with Dr. 13 kicked off with a bang that got me in all the right places. Now that I’ve had a chance to absorb issue two, are my tingly places still tingling, or is it more of the same?

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Crispus AllenDCDoctor ThirteenReviewTales of the UnexpectedThe SpectreTraci Thirteen

Unexpected fun from limited series I just finished reading Tales of the Unexpected #1, and wow, you are in for quite a treat. It starts with Crispus Allen, and ends with a vampire. Unexpected indeed…

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