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Tales From The Crypt

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This week, Papercutz brings Tales from the Crypt to comic shops and speciality stores as part of the company’s Super Genius imprint.

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Or – “A Collector’s Item For Our Dear Fiends!” Greetings, fright-fans!  Give the man your grimy little dime, if you haven’t done so already, and step into the Crypt of COMICS!  I’m your host, the Longbox-Lifter, with a quartet of loathsome gems from that heyday of fear and loathing, the repressed and recessed decade known as the nineteen-fifties!  Hang on to your heads, Faithful Spoilerites, and mind your other organs too as we present a Halloween treat for boils and ghouls alike, featuring your recommended daily allowance of Halloween terror! **This Retro Review comes from a time before the Comics

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