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Booster Gold Returns! As much as I have loved reading 52 and making speculations throughout, it is often good know at least one of my wild speculations have paid off. This week offers three big reveals that are really not that big of a surprise if you have been following closely. The first is a no-brainer (look at the subhead), the second is a relief, and the third has been sitting in front of your face for at least six months. If you don’t like Major Spoilers, turn back now!

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Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sun Eaters Week 36 is one of those weeks where a lot of questions get partial answers, a hero falls, and Supernova is Ray Palmer. It can’t be that simple, can it? You guessed it. Major Spoilers ahead…

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Why are you standing around? Get inside! What better way to greet the new year than by watching hundreds of people plummet to their death? What? That isn’t how you ring in the good times? Whatever… And “Whatever” is kind of how I feel about this week’s installment of 52.

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The Great Stygian Passover Comes What the heck is the great Stygian Passover we’ve been hearing about for the last 30 weeks, and how could it destroy an entire sector in space? We learn the grisly details, and get a major clue into the identity of Supernova.

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52Adam StrangeAnimal ManDCEmerald EyeEmerald Head of EkronLoboReviewStarfireStealSupernova

Emerald Eye of Ekron Origin? Week 20 is about adventures in space, an appearance by Supernova, and Lex Luthor has the cure. Spoilerific report ahead and we even get to answer one of my wild speculations from last week.

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Booster Gold Memorial Issue Today we mourn the loss of Booster Gold. He went out with a bang – literally. Week fifteen finds Booster Gold at his lowest point. His sponsors have all backed out, bills are overdue, and Supernova is taking all his glory. Instead of going the route of Ralph Dibny and putting a gun to his mouth, Booster shows he is a true superhero when a submarine accident in midtown Metropolis gives him hope of redeeming himself.

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