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Or – “The Kansas City Shuffle…” Mark Millar has a very cinematic storytelling style, owing as much to Hollywood’s output as to that of the House of Ideas or the Distinguished Competition.  This series has been a very open riff on the ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ movie series, combined with the trappings of a super-hero comic, but can he stick the landing as well as Clooney & Pitt?  Your Major Spoilers review awaits!

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Or – “It’s Easy To Forget That Crime Capers Are Committed By Criminals…” Not so long ago, Mark Millar created “Wanted,” a story of high-level super-criminals and the man who wakes up to realize that he’s actually one of them.  I had been worried that this series would be too similar to that one, but Supercrooks actually surprised me with it’s take on the dark side of super-powers…

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