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Ultraman statue

Gecco Corp has revealed its latest pre-painted model kit – Ultraman!

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Harley Quinn Batman The Animated Series Statue
BatmanDCDiamond Select ToysHarley QuinnstatuesToys

With the 25th anniversary of Harley Quinn upon us, Diamond Select Toys has a new wave of statues and busts lined up for fans to grab, including a new Harley Quinn bust.

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Catwoman Statue
BatmanCatwomanDiamond Select Toysstatues

When Batman: The Animated Series, got a new look and a new title in The New Batman Adventures, Catwoman got a whole new redesign as well. Diamond Select Toys has released a new statue based on that style.

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Bluefin Guardians of the Galaxy
BluefinDCMarvelPress Releasestatues

Bluefin announces the opening of pre-orders for an artful collection of new releases from Iron Studios.

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Thanos Statue
Diamond Select ToysMarvelstatuesThanos

With Infinity War fast approaching, expect to see a lot more items related to the Mad Titan Thanos appearing on the store shelf. Diamond Select Toys has just released the Marvel Premier Collection Thanos Statue, that you can pick up your LCS.

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Marvel Ironheart Statue
Diamond Select ToysIron Manstatues

If you are a fan of Marvel’s Ironheart, now is the time to run to your LCS and pick up the newest statue from Diamond Select Toys.

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Icon Heroes is uniting the Justice League with the upcoming release of a new Batman statue.

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BatmanDiamond Select ToysMerchandisestatues

Diamond Select Toys has released a brand new resin bust of the Riddler based on the Batman: The Animated Series design.

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Finders Keepers
comic conventionMarvelsan diegosan Diego Comic ConSDCCstatues

Here is a million dollar idea that took too long to come to market. Alter Ego has launched Finders Keypers that look like miniature statues, but doubles as a key holder.

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DC Collectibles
Action FiguresDCsan diegosan Diego Comic ConSDCCstatuesVideo

DC All Access gives us a really good look at upcoming action figures, statues, and more that are on display at the San Diego Comic-Con this week.

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Cryptozoic Entertainment at San Diego Comic Con 2017
comic conventionGamingMerchandisePress Releasesan diegosan Diego Comic ConSDCCstatues

Cryptozoic Entertainment will bring comic book and gaming exclusives to the San Diego Comic-Con.

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DCDiamond Select ToysMarvelMiniMatesstatuesToys

Diamond Select Toys has released a bunch of information about upcoming statues and toys coming our way in this winter.

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Bluefin Iron Studios Statues
Bluefincomic conventionDCMarvelstatues

Bluefin details a new series of Limited Edition products from Iron Studios, with the forthcoming release of the Battle Diorama Series.

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Deathstroke Statue
DCDeathstrokeDiamond Comic Distributorsstatues

Diamond Comic Distributors is ready to release a new Deathstroke statue based on the Rebirth Slade Wilson look.

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