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Of all the movie that really don’t need a remake, Starship Troopers is certainly on the list.  Though it may not follow Robert A. Heinlein’s book exactly (not at all), it is a solid flick with lots of bug killing, great CGI, and a storyline that isn’t totally crazy. That doesn’t mean H’wood isn’t trying to remake the movie.

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While the first Starship Troopers movie brought a lot of attention to the bug menace that threatens the universe, subsequent movies didn’t fare as well. There was a very well done animated series that ran about eleven years ago, and it had some critical acclaim, which is probably why the next entry to the SST universe is going to be an animated feature.

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AAM/Markosia has announced a new Starship Troopers one-shot called War Stories: Tasch, that arrives in stores in December 2008.  War Stories: Tasch is written by Cy Dethan with art by Neil van Antwerpen and Peter-David Douglas. Cy Dethan explains, “‘War Stories: Tasch’ is essentially an “origin” piece. Before signing up for Pathfinder training, Private Naomi Tasch was a specialised sniper, working alongside a Mk-II combat Neodog. Neodogs are genetically and cybernetically altered animals with enhanced intelligence and physical attributes, linked to their handlers through a complex set of implants. During a full-scale planetary evacuation, Tasch’s Neodog partner goes missing and

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